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Rain Bird®1800® Series Sprays


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Rain Bird®1800® Series Sprays - 1

Rain Bird® 1800® Series Sprays Cycle Surge Test 1800 SERIES Anyone can say their product performs. We wanted proof. So we put our 1800® Series Sprays through a series of comparison tests with competitive products. We call it “Spraynalysis.” It’s your assurance that when you install Rain Bird sprays, you can count on them to deliver as promised, day in and day out. Cycle Surge isn’t the only test where Rain Bird triumphs. See more tests at How the cycle surge test works: To demonstrate product durability, we subjected the Rain Bird® 1804 and RD1804, along with two competitive sprays, to repeated pressure spikes of 200 psi. These spikes simulated the fluctuating pressures found on many residential and commercial jobsites. When the dust settled, Rain Bird sprays were the last standing. Turn this page over to see how Rain Bird outperformed the competition.

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Rain Bird®1800® Series Sprays - 2

WE RAMPED UP THE PRESSURE over and over UNTIL they WAVED A WHITE FLAG CYCLES 13,000 * Percentage of durability is based on the performance of competitor #2. Under repeated pressure surges, the competitive sprays cried uncle after 3,000 cycles or less. But the Rain Bird sprays kept going. The 1804 lasted 7,400 cycles and the RD1804 lasted more than 11,500 cycles. If you translate this into years, Rain Bird product will last at least 3 times the average life span of our nearest competitor! While competitive sprays cracked, literally, the Rain Bird sprays were left intact. more reliability...

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