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DV Drip Valve Renowned DV Valve quality specially designed for drip DV valve quality and performance adapted specifically for drip applications • Flow Rates - Ideal for flow rates between .76 to 30 l/m • Unique diaphragm design - Patented unit with dual seal diaphram- provides better sealing and no weeping • Special inlet design - prevents small particulate from prevent valve closure • Filtration - Built in filtration protects pilot

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The DV Drip low flow valves have been specially designed to work in drip applications. The DV Drip valve is ideal for installations with flow rates ranging from 0.2 to 8 gpm. The addition of a lip in the inlet causes the diaphragm to raise higher during low flow applications, allowing small dirt particles to pass through that get caught in standard valves used in these conditions, which leads to poor sealing weeping, water waste and increased maintenance calls. Unique “double-knife” diaphragm Design Models •LFV-075: ¾ low flow DV drip valve The dual seal design includes a double knife edge...

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