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Automatic Irrigation - 2

Automatic Irrigation for a Beautiful Landscape with confidence An automatic irrigation system with a controlled water intake system allows you to: To keep your spare time while your automatic watering takes care of your garden. In order to save water it is applied by a programmable controller at night when evaporation is low. To maintain the health of your landscape by regular and controlled water supply. At Rain Bird®, we believe it is our responsibility to develop products and technologies that use water efficiently. Since 1933, we have designed products of high quality, easy to use and...

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Automatic Irrigation - 3

Your garden CONTROLLERS ESP-RZX 230V controller (4,6,8 stations) RAIN SENSOR INLINE EMITTER TUBING RSD-Bex Rain sensor SPRAY HEADS 11 CONTROL ZONE START-UP- KIT DV or HV electric valves from 0,05 to 9,08 m3/h VALVE BOXES SWING JOINT AND FITTINGS SPRAY HEADS Swing joint and fittings Valve boxes Control Zone Start-up- Kit Inline emitter tubing Fixed or rotary nozzles Consult the Automatic Sprinkler Systems Interactive Guided Tour on our website (homeowner section)

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Automatic Irrigation - 4

Pop-up Spray Heads: for small areas Pop-up Rotors: for small and medium sized areas Pop-up spray heads are installed flush with the ground surface. Water pressure causes the nozzle to pop up and then pop down after watering is completed. Recommended for small turf and landscape areas, flower beds and shrubs. Water pressure causes the nozzle to pop up and then pop down after watering is completed. Rotors have adjustable arc from 40 to 360°. Recommended for small to medium-sized turf and landscape areas. UNI-SPRAY + benefits Rain Bird quality at the best price. Rotary nozzle 1800 + benefits...

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Automatic Irrigation - 5

Operated by a controller, electric valves open and allow the water supply to sprinklers or drip line. Battery-powered Controllers The controller tells the valves to open or close, turning the sprinklers on or off. These battery-powered controllers are the ideal solution on sites where no AC power supply is available. They are 100% waterproof and fully submersible. + benefits Available in 4,6,8 stations versions. Number of zones expandable from 4 to 22 stations. Water Timers DV and HV electric valves are ideal for residential installations. Available with 24V solenoid (for 230V controller)...

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Automatic Irrigation - 6

Specially designed components deliver precise amounts of water directly to plants’ root zones. Low volume (drip) irrigation is recommended for watering flower beds, hedges, planters, shrubbery, vegetable gardens and ground cover. The Rain Bird «Low Volume Irrigation» line makes sense wherever water conservation is an issue. Low volume irrigation not only saves time and energy. It also helps save our planet’s most precious resource: water. Control Zone Start-up Kit Inline Emitter Tubing 4 The inline emitter tubing is ideal for irrigating any rows of vegetation, hedges,trees, shrubbery and...

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Automatic Irrigation - 7

Local distributor: Rain Bird Europe SNC Rain Bird Sverige AB Rain Bird Deutschland GmbH Rain Bird France SNC Rain Bird iberica S.A. Rain Bird Turkey c/o Matrisen Nordenskiöldsgatan 6 21119 Malmö SWEDEN Tel : (46) 42 25 04 80 - Polígono Ind. Pinares Llanos c/ Carpinteros, 12, 2°C 28 670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid ESPAÑA Tel : (34) 91 632 48 10 Fax : (34) 91 632 46 45 - - ® Registered Trademark of Rain Bird Corporation. © 2016 Rain Bird Corporation. 01

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Automatic Irrigation - 8

Your irrigation project This memo will help you develop your irrigation map, taking into account all the parameters of your project. Step 1 Determine the characteristics of your water supply BAR Measure the pressure of your installation Expressed in bar, it is measured using a pressure gauge connected to your water inlet faucet. If you do not have a pressure gauge, ask the water company* to indicate the water pressure or ask your professional contractor for help. To operate correctly your installation must have at least 2,5 bar. If your pressure exceeds 5 bar a pressure reducer is...

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Automatic Irrigation - 9

Your irrigation project Name: Address: Phone: Project presented on: Project completion scheduled for: PRESSURE: BAR • What is the water source? □ Mains water □ Borehole Depth: ___ m EH Water Well Depth:_m Important: Please clearly indicate the water source location in your map • Pipe Type and sizing? Pipe Diameter:_mm (external diameter) LD PE (soft black plastic) □ Copper Steel □ PVC (hard grey plastic) EH Other • What Type of controller do you want to use? □ 230/24V controller (power available) □ 9V battery-powered controller (power not available) Important: Please clearly...

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Automatic Irrigation - 10

Your irrigation project Draw a map of your garden You will need: • a sheet of paper • a tape measure • a compass • a pencil • a felt-tip pen • a ruler • an eraser Start the map of your garden by locating the house and the property line. • Draw the sidewalks, terraces, sheds, etc... using an angle of the house as a reference point. • Indicate those areas which are to be watered & which are not to be watered. • Also indicate the location of trees, shrubs, hedges and flower beds. After carefully completing the map, copy it on to the enclosed sheet of graph paper. To get a professional design...

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Automatic Irrigation - 11

Your irrigation project ^ Water source © Controller X Valves Zones: 1: Turf 3: Areas not to be watered 2: Bed of flowers and hedges 4: Building

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