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3500 Series Rotors


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3500 Series Rotors - 1

Tech Spec 3500 Series Rotors The 3500 Series Rotor is an easy to use short to mid-range 1/2" gear-drive rotor, offering value and convenience for smaller turf areas and densely planted landscapes. Utilizing a simple flat-bladed screwdriver, the 3500's arc adjustment is quick and easy. This versatile rotor offers an attachable nozzle tree with six superior performing Rain Curtain nozzles and the convenience of reversing full and part circle operation (up to 360 degrees) in one unit. Plus, a nozzle removal feature and easily removable filter screen makes maintenance a breeze. All of this, an affordable price and a 3-year factory warranty makes the 3500 Series one rotor that is easy to use, easy to buy and tough to beat! Features • Arc adjustment requires only a flat bladed screwdriver • Three-year trade warranty • Water-lubricated gear-drive design for durable, reliable operation • 40- 360° part circle arc rotation and reversing full circle rotation in one • An attachable nozzle tree of six Rain Curtain nozzles. • Radius adjustment screw allows up to 35% radius reduction without changing nozzles • True 4" (10.2 cm) pop-up (measured from center of nozzle) • Quick Check Arc/Fast Forward • Dual action, positive stop wiper seal protects internals from debris and assures positive pop-up and retraction • Easily remove filter screen for maintenance purposes • Nozzle removal slot • Arc setting factory preset at 180° for installation convenience • Non-potable models available for easy identification of reclaim water • Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check valve models hold back up to 7' (2.1 m) of elevation change, to prevent puddling and erosion caused by low head drainage • Standard rubber cover • Self-cleaning arc-adjustment screw • Three-year trade warranty Operating Range • Precipitation rate: .37 to .83 inches per hour (9 to 21 mm/h) • Radius: 15' to 35' (4.6 to 10.7 m) • Radius may be reduced up to 35% with Radius Reduction Screw • Pressure: 25 to 55 psi (1.7 to 3.8 bar) • Flow Rate: .54 to 4.6 gpm (2.0 to 17.4 I/m) Specifications • 1/2"(20/27) NPTfemale bottom threaded inlet • Full and part circle adjustment 40°-360° Dimensions • Pop up height: 4"(10.2 cm) • Overall body height: Shrub: 7"(17.8 cm); • 4": 6.6" (16.8 cm) • Exposed surface diameter: 1.16"(2.9 cm) Note: Pop-up height measured from cover to center of nozzle. Overall body height Is measured popped down. Models Part circle units (PQ are adjustable from 40-360 degrees. • 3504-PC • 3504-PC-SAM • 3504-PC-SAM-NP • 3500-S-PC-SAM • 3500-S-PC-SAM-NP PC - SAM-N Rotation PC: Part Circle

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3500 Series Rotors - 2

3500 Series Nozzle Performance 3500 Series Nozzle Performance Pressure Nozzle Precip Precip Precipitation rates based on half-circle operation ■ Square spacing based on 50% diameter of throw S Triangular spacing based on 50% diameter of throw Performance data collected in zero wind conditions Performance data derived from tests that conform with ASAE Standards; ASAE S398.1.

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3500 Series Rotors - 3

Specifications Model: 3504-PC, Part and Reversing Full Circle Sprinkler The part and reversing full circle sprinkler shall be a single stream, water-lubricated, gear-drive type capable of covering aradius at pounds per square inch with a discharge rate ofgallons per minute (gpm). The sprinkler shall have an adjustable arc coverage of 40 to 360 degrees. Arc adjustment shall be performed with or without the sprinkler in operation and shall require only a flat-blade screwdriver. The sprinkler shall have a pressure activated, multi-function wiper seal that positively seals against the pop-up...

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