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WALK OVER DRIVE OVER DRIVE OVER COOL TOUCH 900 MICRO 95 mm Ø page 30 TETRA INCASSO 900 page 40 1200 MINI Roll Over 1 Opening 145 mm Ø page 98 1200 MINI Double Glass 200 mm Ø page 118 STEEL 360 406 mm Ø page 30 1200 MINI 140 mm Ø H. 100 mm page 46 1200 MINI Roll Over 2 Openings 145 mm Ø page 100 1200 MINI Double Glass c/w Stainless Steel Ring 200 mm Ø page 120 TETRA INCASSO 360 page 32 1200 MINI c/w Stainless Steel Ring 152 mm Ø page 54 1200 MINI Roll Over 4 Openings 145 mm Ø page 104 1200 MINI Double Glass c/w Stainless Steel Frame 200 x 200 mm page 122 1200 MINI c/w Stainless Steel Frame...

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WALL MOUNTED FLOODLIGHTS UNDERWATER SURFACE MOUNTED PROMENADE 40 page 144 MICRO SPRING Floodlight page 176 1700 NETTUNO Bronze Floodlight page 192 SPOT 100 Bulkhead page 214 PROMENADE 200 page 140 MINI SPRING Floodlight page 176 1700 NETTUNO Uplight -Inground Recessed 225 mm Ø page 198 SPOT 200 Bulkhead page 218 MILANO c/w Frame page 148 SPRING Floodlight page 180 2600 ATLANTIQUE Bronze Floodlight page 206 900 Bulkhead- Ceiling Recessed page 222 MILANO c/w Grid page 150 1200 MINI Floodlight page 2600 ATLANTIQUE Uplight -Inground Recessed 270 mm Ø page 208 1200 Bulkhead- Ceiling Recessed...

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Platek's products 2010 - 4

APPLIQUE LIGHTING POSTS FOR RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING ONE page 258 BOUARD APPLIQUE page 336 POST 40 / 200 page 368 SPECIAL page 260 TETRA LINEARE page 316 TETRA PALETTO page 372 TETRA APPLIQUE 75 page 262 TETRA CORNICHE page 328 TETRA PARCO I page 374 TETRA APPLIQUE 140 page 268 TETRA APPLIQUE OBLIQUO page 288 TETRA PARCO II page 378 TETRA APPLIQUE 200 page 272 TETRA PORTICI page 334 TETRA PALETTO OBLIQUO page 370 TETRA DECO 75 page 278 APPLIQUE CIRCUS page 306 BOULARD page 382 TETRA DECO 140 page 282 TETRA Mounted on Pole page MONACO 100 page 290 MONACO 200 page 298 BALI APPLIQUE page 344...

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Platek's products 2010 - 6

Explanation Notes Vision 2000: Platek Light has been awarded Vision 2000 certification, which guarantees a check of both procedures and customer satisfaction, with the aim of a steady improvement achieved through the definition of measurable targets and the evaluation of customer feedback. Labelling and traceability: In compliance with the field International Standard (EN 60598) and with its quality management policy, Platek carries out the tests required by the above mentioned Standard on 100% of its production. A label – visible inside the product – proves that the tests were performed...

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Platek's products 2010 - 7

International Standard EN 60598-2-13: Painting and anti–corrosion treatment The International Standard EN 60598-2-13 published in January To prevent problems of oxidation and corrosion on its aluminium 2007 establishes 5 categories for the use of inground recessed products PLATEK uses an aluminium alloy with a low percentage lighting fixtures: of copper combined with a three-phase painting process: C1 In normally not accessible areas. C2 In restrained access areas (either pedestrian or cycle 1. IRIDITE treatment (inertialization of the aluminium through paths, for instance). C3 chemical...

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Platek's products 2010 - 8

Explanation Notes Inground recessed products – Full DRY system: Platek’s full-dry system applies to recessed products and consists of resin coating of the cable entry area. Such coating makes it impossible to exchange air with the external environment through the feeding cable, either when the lamp has been switched on or turned off. The air flow must be interrupted as even ground humidity is conveyed into the product via the feeding cable. Before resin coating After resin coating GENERAL CATALOGUE 2010 8

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Platek's products 2010 - 9

Proof of the correct functioning of the device is the absence of condensation on the internal surface of the glass, after the product has been turned off. room temperature 60°/80° C overpressure – air ejection depression – air suction After the product has been switched on its internal temperature rises along with internal pressure. After the product has been turned off and has cooled down, a depression is created inside the fitting. 89 17 010 ‘T-Con junction box’ - to connect RGB LED products. 89 17 004 ‘junction box PAGURO’ – to connect either 12V products or fittings powered by mains...

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Platek's products 2010 - 10

Explanation Notes Range of LED products Dynamic Light, DMX control devices: Our LED products originate from the co-operation with COEMAR Our range of LED products is available either as monochromatic SpA, a well-known company in the lighting field, especially as or equipped with RGB and AWB dynamic light: far as TV and big shows are involved. It was necessary – we believe - to rely upon a company specialized in the use of said - RGB: it identifies the “additive” type of colour based on sources, in order to keep the high quality standard of our trichromatism - Red, Green and Blue- which...

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Platek's products 2010 - 11

DMX POWER SUPPLY UNITS Our DMX power supply units are designed to work independently without DMX remote control. The relevant control panels allow to: - set out fixed colours - Recall preset plays of light - Connect the power supply units one to the others as Master and Slave in order to synchronize the performance of the preset plays of light Example of DMX layout Control DMX GROUP 1 - DMX ADDRESS 001 Regobox Power 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DMX universal LED power driver at constant current 350mA CONCEPT DESIGN A001 1 2 3 4 5 PUSH 6 7 8 GROUP 2 - DMX ADDRESS 004 Regobox Power Switch...

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Platek's products 2010 - 12

Explanation Notes IR Remote control kit The IR remote control kit available for Regobox and Concept Design permits to control the power supply units without control panel. The remote control kit includes: - IP 20 IR sensor - IR remote control - small connection cable to the power supply unit – 0.5 m in length (it is possible to use cables of maximum 10 m in length) ON Switch on – switch off OFF - + - + - + - Red colour adjustment + + Recall of sequence no. 1 z1 m1 m2 z2 m3 m4 m5 m6 Colours fading speed Strobo effect w zx Blue colour adjustment s Recall of sequence no. 2 Green colour...

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