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Aluminium scaffoldings ALUMINIUM AND MOBILE TOWERS P.L.A. aluminium façade scaffolding QS aluminium mobile towers on wheels

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A.

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ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLDING FOR MAINTENANCE AND RESTORATION COMPANIES The P.L.A. façade prefabricated scaffolding in aluminium is the most appropriate and specific system for short-term operations such as those involving maintenance, painting and restoration, both for interior and exterior which sometimes are carried out by female personnel. Unlike medium-long term construction sites, these tasks are usually short term and, therefore, the assembly and disassembly operations of scaffolding must be quick, simple and safe not to affect the overall timing of the operation. The use of the aluminium as...

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A.

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Company | Projects | Products rOPILOSIO • lightness, but it has the same performances as a steel scaffolding for • it is very easy to be handled • high-speed in assembly and disassembly stages • simple and intuitive preparation • braced rail with 4 coupling points which ensure great stability to scaffolding • tables with lifting handles for a functional assembly • transportation by using small capacity trucks • low weight that allows you to fasten it on any structure and to use it also • system constituted of few modular components • with its components and adding few accessories you can...

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A. ALUMINIUM DOUBLE RAIL WITH WIND BRACING FUNCTION Advantages: Quick assembly, structurally very strong because it stabilizes the structure and operates as a rail. ALUMINIUM ALU SIMPEL WITH DOUBLE UPRIGHT RAIL

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Company | Projects | Products Aluminium scaffoldings ASSEMBLY OF A TEMPORARY RAIL FOR THE SAFE ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY OF SCAFFOLDING WITHOUT USING P.P.E. Assembling a temporary rail allows you to temporarily place the guard of any work surface directly from the lower floor. This allows the operator, once he has climbed on the work surface, to complete safely the assembly of the bays by moving the rail once the final elements have been assembled. Repeating the aforesaid operation you can complete the assembly of the whole scaffolding. This device is in aluminium; it weighs only 13 kg and...

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A.

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Aluminium scaffoldings Company | Projects | Products P.L.A. scaffolding is suitable for all the perimeter walls 28 meters high. By using the doublebraced rail, the scaffolding is also suitable to create bays of reduced length without necessarily increasing the number of façade diagonals. On the façades of historic buildings, with engaged columns and moldings and other various objects , it is particularly convenient to use the P.L.A. aluminium scaffolding set with interior and exterior cantilever brackets. Maintenance operation while the scaffolding rail assembly is in the completion stage....

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A. Maintenance of a bell tower of considerable height. The side facing the roof of the apse is cantilevered and completely hanged and bound to the wall through brackets with reinforced beams with plate anchors and tie-rods to prevent the structure from laying on the roof. Using the same components of the P.L.A. scaffold it is possible to create structures of various sizes and shapes which can be moved on wheels in any direction. These structures can be used both for operations on façades and for interior operations on vaults and domes. The movement can be...

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Aluminium scaffoldings Company | Projects | Products

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A. Use of the bracket for intervention on the roof. For operations lasting more than 5 days a level underneath must be prepared for safety. Solution for intervention on the outside of railing for a balcony by using the inner plane. Example of a continuation of the cantilevered scaffold with the use of shelves 80 cm and 80x200 cm struts for shelves from galvanized steel.

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Aluminium scaffoldings Company | Projects | Products In addition, standard tables can be used with a trap door and stairs to the ramp which allows easier access to the floors. This system allows restoration work as well as access by individuals not involved in the work in case of inspections. Construction of a pedestrian walkway for the entire length of the scaffolding through the use of frames in galvanized steel for pedestrian underpass.

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Aluminium façade scaffolding P.L.A. INTERRUPTION OF STYLE FOR VEHICLE OR PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS The beam can be positioned at the height required by the need of the job site.. CONSTRUCTION ON AN INCLINED PLANE Example of scaffold with a sloped mounting surface. Various types of accessories such as adjustable bases and frames of different heights have been used to compensate for the difference.

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Company | Projects | Products Aluminium scaffoldings RAIN PROTECTION FOR SCAFFOLDING AND MOBILE TOWERS Guards made of galvanized steel and modular PVC sheets – with mounting pegs.

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Aluminium facade scaffolding P.L.A. P.L.A. MOBILE TOWERS ON WHEELS Using the same components of the fixed scaffolding and a limited number of accessories, it is possible to build mobile towers on wheels for various needs and for considerable heights. EN 1004 certification Base 2.50x1.70 m. The height of the tower varies from 3.60 m to 13.60 m with a maximum work height from 4.40 m to 14.40 m. The weight varies

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Company | Projects | Products Aluminium scaffoldings MOBILE TOWER ON WHEELS WITH P.L.A. COMPONENTS Base components for P.L.A. mobile tower on wheels. 1 250x31 cm table in aluminium, galvanized steel or in wood /aluminium 2 trapdoor with 250x62 cm stair in aluminium or wood / aluminium 3 swiveling coupling in galvanized steel Ø 48 4 250x50 cm double rail in aluminium 5 80x200 cm frame in aluminium 6 base for 2 frames with 2 adjustable 500 kg galvanized steel wheels 7 250 cm plywood table for tower in galvanized steel 8 250 cm movable upright in galvanized steel

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