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Pilkington Arctic Blue™


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Pilkington Arctic Blue™ - 1

Pilkington Arctic Blue™ Pilkington Arctic Blue™ High Performance Tinted Glass The cool blue glass that creates a comfortable interior without sacrificing natural light. The ideal shade of blue for cool comfort, Pilkington Arctic Blue™ is a unique tinted float glass offering high daylight transmittance and good solar control. For optimum solar and thermal performance, combine Pilkington Arctic Blue™ with Pilkington Optitherm™ SN or Pilkington K Glass™ in an insulating glass unit.

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Pilkington Arctic Blue™ - 2

The above performance data has been determined in accordance with EN410 and EN673. The U value for Argon gas-filled IGUs has been based on 90% gas fill. Benefits • Rich blue colour is cool and distinctive, offering unique aesthetics and innovative design properties. • Excellent solar characteristics when compared to traditional tinted float glass, without sacrificing daylight transmittance. • High visibility means Pilkington Arctic Blue™ provides a pleasant view from the interior. • Low exterior reflectance makes Pilkington Arctic Blue™ ideal for use when low external glare is a priority. •...

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