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Pilkington ActivTM range - 1

Active Global Brochure 12/12/08 11:10 AM Page 2 SelfCleaning Pilkington Activ > TM rangeA success wherever its ү́tted. >

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 2

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 3

Glass Tree House,McMaster Beach,Australia >

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 4

Active Global Brochure 12/12/08 11:11 AM Page 5 OLIMP Shopping Centre,Poland TownHall,France On commercial and public buildings,Pilkington Activ > TM is an excellent choice as thefollowing examples clearly show.Especially suited to high,difficult to reach places,Pilkington Activ > TM usesthe forces ofnature,rather than expensive cleaners, to keep the glazing looking its best,at all times. OLIMP Shopping Centre (Poland) Activ With so many hard to reach places, Pilkington > TM self-cleaning glass is theideal choice for this shopping centre. Town Hall (France) Activ Optilam To give an image...

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 6

Courtesy ofExcel UPVC >

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 7

Active Global Brochure 12/12/08 11:11 AM Page 8 Activ Pilkington Activ > TM is perfect for domestic use andis especially popular amongst busy home-owners. Because ofits unique dual-action cleaning process, Pilkington > TM can release your precious timeand save you the cost ofhiring a cleaner. Glass Tree House,McMasterBeach (Australia) > Peter Hyatt Pilkington Activ > TM was used here to maintain boththe external appearance ofthe building and the outside views. > Glass Tree House,McMaster Beach,Australia Gosforth,UK Gosforth (UK) Pilkington Activ > TM was chosen over reversiblewindows on...

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 8

Active Global Brochure 12/12/08 11:11 AM Page 9 East Hotel Hamburg (Germany) Pilkington > Activ Optilam The self-cleaning benefits ofPilkington Activ > TM areclear to see.But its talents dont end there.As already seen in some ofthe previous examples,it can be further enhanced when combined with other Pilkington products to offer additional advantages such as thermal control,solar control and safety.For this reason,itҒs commonly chosen for entertainment and leisure facilities. > TM has been used for theroofofthis illustrious hotel,to give a clear view while meeting roofsafety requirements....

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 9

Active Global Brochure 12/12/08 11:11 AM Page 10 Although Pilkington Activ Activ > TM is more commonlyassociated with commercial and domestic buildings, it is also used in the transport sector. Car Wing Mirrors When on the road,its essential that all windows and mirrors are always free from dirt and condensation.So for safety reasons, Pilkington > Ordinary Glass Car Wing Mirrors Pilkington Activ TM TM is the product ofchoice. > Hilton Hotel,Finland size="-2">

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 11

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Pilkington ActivTM range - 12

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