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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers


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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 3

Self-Cleaning: Pilkington Activ > Pilkington Activ Suncool > ٙ Pilkington Activ Optilam > Pilkington Activ Optitherm > ٙ Pilkington Insulight Activ > Pilkington Activ > ٙ Blue Solar Control: Pilkington Suncool > Pilkington Eclipse Advantage > ٙ Pilkington Optifloat > TintedPilkington Arctic Blue > ٙ Pilkington Insulight > SunPilkington Optilam > ٙ I Thermal Insulation: Pilkington KGlass > Pilkington Optitherm > ٙ SNPilkington Insulight > Therm Fire Protection: Pilkington Pyroshield > ٙ Pilkington Pyrodur > Pilkington Pyrodur > ٙ PlusPilkington Pyrostop > Safety and Security: Pilkington T...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 4

Pilkington Activ > represents the very latest inglass technology.Using Pilkington How the ّdual actionprocess works Using a ґphotocatalyticprocess,the coating reacts with ultra-violet rays from natural daylight to break down and decompose organic dirt. Washing dirt away Activ Breaking down organic dirt The second part ofthe process happens when water hits the glass.Pilkington Optifloat > ҙ as a base,Pilkington Activ > has a specially developed coatingon the outside that has an innovative dual action.Once exposed to daylightthe coating chemicallyreacts in two ways.Firstly,it breaks down any...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 5

Activ Pilkington Activ > ٙ can be used in almost anyexteriorapplication.It can be installed at any angle ranging from vertical to very shallow,and is especially useful for inaccessible windows wheredirt normallycollects,such as skylights.However,ifrain cannot reach the glass forexample,beneath an overhang ֖ dirt deposits are less likely to be washed away,and the window may need more regular hosing.It is not suitable for interior use.Pilkington Activ > self-cleaning glass Activ Optilam > Blue with Pilkington KGlass > ٙ After installation the special coating needs 5 to 7 days exposure to...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 6

In winter,the fact that glass allows the suns heat as well as light into a building can be beneficial; but in summer months,without solar control it can become uncomfortably hot.Basically,glass controls solar radiation byreflectance,transmittance and absorptance. For solar control purposes,and assuming solar radiation at near normal incidence,these are defined as: Reflectance Җthe proportion reflected backinto the atmosphere > OUTSIDE INSIDE Absorptance the proportion absorbed bythe glass > Reflectance Direct Transmittance ֖the proportiontransmitted directly through the glass > Absorptance...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 7

Suncool Pilkington Suncool > High Performance andPilkington this with your performance requirements.Also available is Pilkington Suncool > ٙ BrilliantArange ofoffline coated,energy management glass options combining high light transmission with solar control performance, Pilkington Insulight > Sun incorporatingLuxaclairٮ blinds,a specialist option exclusively from Pilkington in the UK and Ireland.See separate literature for further details. ActivSuncool > High Performance andPilkington Suncool > ٙ Brilliant are always used aspart ofan IGU or a Pilkington > l Pilkington Suncool > ֙ Benefits...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 9

Pilkington Optitherm > SNPilkington Optitherm > ٙ SNis an off-line coatedglass offering a lower U value,hence better thermal performance,particularly suitable for commercial applications.It can be toughened or laminated for safety and security applications,andcan be combinedwith other Pilkington glass foradditional benefits,such as Pilkington Activ Pilkington Optitherm > SNBenefits summary Excellent thermal insulation ٖ U value of just 1.2 W/m > 2 Kin IGU form High light transmittance > ֙ Can be combined with other Pilkington products to provide multiple benefits for self-cleaning or...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 10

From security to fire-resistance and impactprotection to noise reduction,glass can be used to protect a buildings occupants in many ways,while also allowing the creation ofbold and attractive designs.The main categories in which glass can be used for protection are outlined here. Insulight > For safety combined with security without compromising levels ofnatural daylight, Pilkington offers a choice ofglass.Pilkington T glassis PilkingtonҒs own toughenedglass.It is subjected to a heating and cooling process,which creates high compressive surface stresses to makeit up to fivetimes stronger...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 12

The Pilkington range ofdecorative glass turns itfrom a basic construction material into a means of adding style and elegance.By incorporating decorative glass,you can add privacy or meet any other aesthetic or practical requirements. Pilkington Texture Glass Offers an extensive choice ofdesigns and finishes, with five levels ofobscuration for privacy. Available toughened or laminated for safety or security.Our rolled patterned glass has been recentlyupdated to include a range ofnew designs. Pilkington Decorative Glass This includes the Pilkington Oriel range ofetched glass,offering a choice...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 13

Pilkington Optifloat > SatinAhigh quality translucent float glass that offers high light transmission,excellent privacy and easy handling,Pilkington Optifloat Insulight > ٙ Satinis ideal for creatingstriking interiors with a lighter touch.It lets in almost as much light as clear glass,but diffuses it to give a natural feel.Created using more modern processing technology rather than acid-etching or sand-blasting,it offers a high degree ofprivacy and is suitable for all processes,including brilliant cutting and toughening.Pilkingtons own IGU incorporating Decoration isknown as Pilkington > ҙ...

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Glass Range for Architects and Specifiers - 15

The latest addition to the Pilkington Planar > Applications ofthe Planar > ٙ | SentryGlas > Plus range is the Planar > Ι |SentryGlas > Plus System,bornfrom a unique collaboration between Pilkington Engineers and the scientists at DuPont System are not just confined to complex projects. Significant benefits can be realised on any project in which increased strength or enhanced appearance are considered to be ofimportance.The versatility ofthe > Ι .This highperformance laminated system offers the benefits of: > | SentryGlas > ٮ Plus System can nowmatch the demands ofprojects on all levels....

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