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Copyright c 2010. Tutti i diritti sulle immagini ed i testi sono riservati. Sono vietate la riproduzione e diffusione, anche parziale, in qualsiasi forma, delle fotografie e dei testi. I trasgressori saranno perseguiti a norma di legge. Tutti i prodotti illustrati costituiscono creazione di proprieta della societa Gruppo Piazzetta SpA. Ogni diritto di sfruttamento dei modelli e riservato. Il/I marchio/i ed i segni distintivi della societa sono di proprieta esclusiva della satessa. STUBOTTO C The original stove fireplace in the new ClasSc verson. Covered with Majolica panels decorated with motifs and refined process ng. Available in either the plain colour Bianco verson, or in the two-colour Bianco Antico / Canapa - Rosso Lava - Verde Mirto - Terra Bruna versons Also available with hand-painted decorations Hips, rings and decorations on dome GENERAL TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Multifuoco System® Four speed forced ventilation system. Warm air ducting up to 16 m Dual Power System Two independent fans capable of climate zone control Multifunction remote control LCD display, timer, thermostat and Multicomfort function Programming Daily, weekly and weekend modes Dual time settings Management app Allows for managing all the stove's functions through smartphones and tablets Remote Control System Optional kit for remote control of stove with a simple SMS Structure Enamelled steel with door, brazier and firebox in cast iron, hidden handle Majolica cladding Unique large hand-made pieces Air Glass System Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C Easy Cleaning Quick and easy maintenance, removable ash drawer TECHNICAL DRAWING Hips, rings and decorations on dome TECHNICAL DATA Room heati ng capaci ty (mi n- m3 max) Rated heat output (min-max) kW Power adjustable (postions) Nominal thermal efficiency % Consumption at rated heat Kg/h output (min-max) g Dmensons WxDxH cm Cl adding/front Top Fi rebox Baffle plate/Firebox/Brazier Rue outlet 0 cm Rue direction options Ash drawer Door Ceramic glass Door handle Hopper capacity Kg Umidifier in stainless steel Oven in stainless steel (LxWxH) cm Multifuoco System® Dual Power Remote control Stove control panel Timer-thermostat with programming Remote Control System Front air vents-ori entable Lateral vents Mi nimum power consumpti on Watt Maximum power consumption Watt Total weight Kg 92x65x149 majolica steel steel cast iron 8 - rear right and left side, top right removable cast iron - steel resstant up to 750° C steel with nichel plated finish 60 yes no 4 levels speed yes display LCD with digital control Daily, weeky and weekend with two times optional yes-yes optional right / left 150 430 310 Calculated based on nominal heat output and refers to rooms with a thermal requirement between 0.060 and 0.035 kW per m3. The availability of models may vary from Country to Country. Poiche I’azienda e costantemente impegnata nel continuo perfezionamento di tutta la sua produzione, le caratteristiche estetiche e dimensionalij dati tecnici e gli accessori possono essere soggetti a variazione

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Poiche I’azienda e costantemente impegnata nel continuo perfezionamento di tutta la sua produzione, le caratteristiche estetiche e dimensionali.i dati tecnici e gli accessori possono essere soggetti a variazione.

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