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views an Philips Lighting - January 2009 PHILIPS sens and simplicity

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Colophon For more information: www.phili ps. com/l ighti ng Data subject to change Printed in The Netherlands - 09.2008 simple Best environmental choice Our top EcoDesigned products carry the Green Product Logo. An independent external consultant has validated that these products are at least 10% better than their reference product in terms of energy efficiency, lifetime reliability and / or hazardous substances, and offer a better total environmental performance in general. 2

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Save costs and the environment -it's a simple switch! Rising energy prices and the pressure to reduce CO2 emissions are major issues facing many organisations today. Lighting accounts for around 14% of Europe's electricity consumption. Approximately two-thirds of all lighting currently installed is based on old, less energy-efficient technologies. This means that there is a huge potential to upgrade lighting and in this way significantly reduce energy usage. That's why we at Philips are constantly introducing innovations that contribute to a sustainable world and help people to improve the...

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LED lighting in retail and hospitality -the ideal ambience every time

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Solid-state or LED lighting offers a vast palette of colours and dynamic effects, as well as unprecedented design freedom in terms of miniaturization and architectural integration. As such, it is opening up exciting new possibilities for ambience creation in the retail and hospitality sectors. LEDs are an extremely energy-efficient form of lighting, enabling us to reduce our energy consumption and so address the sustainability imperative. Also, the long lifetime of LEDs makes them an almost maintenance-free solution, further reducing cost of ownership. lospitaiity creating expriences and...

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LED lighting in retail and hospitality Adaptability is key Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the overall ambience. But one of the most important is undoubtedly lighting. Even the most stunning architecture or fantastic decor loses its impact when improperly lit. Crucially, lighting is something that can be easily adapted to suit different occasions. With their saturated pure colours, LEDs offer hotel and restaurant owners a completely new palette of solutions to create the desired ambience - to welcome their guests in the right atmosphere, thereby supporting their brand....

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Retail - flexible lighting for inspiring expriences Shopping is no longer just about buying the necessities: it has evolved into a multi-facetted mass leisure activity. It's about browsing, socializing, having fun, seeing and being seen. It's about being inspired. The retail sector is a fast-moving industry with new collections and promotions almost every day. Highly versatile, LED luminaires offer the perfect solution for creating unique, adaptable environments fully in line with the aspirations of contemporary consumers and the dynamic landscape of the retail industry. The unique...

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LED lighting in retail and hospitality LED Lighting in Retail and Hospitality Flexible LED solutions can be used for cove lighting, for example, enabling retailers to change the colour mood of their shop by changing the light. The colour can change over a period of time (e.g. to attract attention) or it can remain static for as long as necessary (e.g. to complement a special offer). It can change between bright colours and soft shades of white (e.g. to create a warm atmosphere during the winter). Retailers can select their own change program, setting a new colour for every new collection...

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Meli's SAVE project and the Gran Meli Palacio de Isora hotel Founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) by Gabriel Escarrer Juli⢢, Sol Meli is Spain's leading hotel chain in both the city and resort segments. With some 350 hotels and 85,000 rooms in 30 countries, it ranks third in Europe, twelfth in the world and leads the resort segment in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2007, Sol Meli made sustainable development one of the five main pillars of its strategic plan, aiming to consolidate and balance its growth across the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions. Sol...

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LED lighting in retail and hospitality Philips, the global leader in lighting solutions, advised Sol Meli on energy-efficient lighting to complment the chain's high standards of design, decor and comfort. Incorporating all the above measures, the compan/s new hotel, Gran Meli⩢ Palacio de Isora, opened in July 2008 in Tenerife (Canary Islands). It showcases the compan/s commitment to sustainability and technical excellence in the design of new facilities. In hotels lighting can account for 35% of energy consumption. Sol Meli opted for advanced LED lighting technology because it not only...

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"Since we started using flexible light in the shop window, lots more passers-by stop outside to have a look. They are attracted by the play with various light colours and effects." Beate Niemann, owner of the Markenstore Flexible lighting that adapts to the seasons and collections The Markenstore in Georgsmarienhtte, Germany, is a department store with a sales area covering 1000 m2. The range on offer includes casual leisurewear, sophisticated business clothing and children's collections. The store operates a shop-in-shop system: each brand has its own area with its own distinctive...

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LED lighting in retail and hospitality Dual challenge Fashion retail involves a number of challenges. These include ever-changing collections and dealing with the demands of particular brands and the needs of customers. "We were looking for a way to create a shopping atmosphere that on the one hand appeals to the different needs of our customers and on the other can adapt to the fashionable colours which change every season," says Thomas von Wulfen, manager of the Markenstore. The solution - flexible lighting A lighting solution was implemented based on Philips' AmbiScene concept. The shop...

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