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University Lighting - 1

University Lighting Standing out from the crowd How to make your campus more attractive to students, funders and business.

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University Lighting - 2

Switched on and ready to compete Higher education is a more competitive market place than ever. Investment in your infrastructure now can pay huge dividends down the line. And lighting is a vital part of the mix. Enhancing your reputation for responsibility Optimising your space and promoting learning Your facilities brought to life University lighting Providing you with a total solution Appearance really does count. Visitors will draw conclusions about your university from the moment they arrive and it’s hard to think of a more visible aspect of your physical infrastructure than lighting....

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University Lighting - 3

Optimising your space and promoting It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way of enhancing your campus environment. You get instant and significant benefits from replacing your lights. And the effects can be seen in many different ways. Lighting was identified as an area where improvements in energy performance would also enhance the internal environment. James Tiernan, Energy and Environment Manager, Unite Students The learning environments in universities can often date back many decades. There are, of course, also superb examples of state-of-the-art facilities. No one needs a PhD in...

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University Lighting - 4

It is a partnership. We work together to identify ways in which we can reduce our energy consumption – so helping the planet, but also reducing our cost. And we share the benefits of that with Philips. Dave Farbrother, Director of Finance, NUS Your facilities brought to life Enhancing your estate Simplicity through standardisation With LED technology from Philips, you can transform a space instantaneously through the creative use of colour and light levels. You might choose to reflect your brand identity through light, for example, or create a particular mood or ambience for an event. It’s...

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University Lighting - 5

Enhancing your reputation for Today, it’s commonplace for both students and potential investors to look for evidence about your record on corporate social responsibility. Being able to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability will help you to enhance relationships with stakeholders, access research funding more readily and strengthen your overall brand identity. But what role can lighting play in this process? By introducing more energy-efficient LED systems, you can reduce your consumption and carbon emissions, showing that you’re making a positive environmental impact. At the same...

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University Lighting - 6

Modern Lighting and programmable systems can make a difference to every area of university Life. To highlight the benefits to your institution, we've divided the campus into three distinct zones. Transform the areas in which staff and students [earn and work 1 Teaching rooms 2 Lecture theatres 3 Libraries 4 Offices Bring communal areas of the campus to life 5 Entrance/corridors 6 Refectory/ cafe 7 Student union 8 Accommodation (halls) Create a safer and more vibrant environment across the university 9 Facades 10 Sports fields / courts 11 Walkways 12 Carparks University lighti

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University Lighting - 7

Lighting is an excellent way to modify the spaces in which students learn and the areas in which your staff work. Help them to experience education in a new way. Teaching Rooms and Labs Good quality, controllable lighting in teaching environments has been shown to improve students’ engagement and overall experience. European test results suggest that adjusting the light at different times of the day, or for different activities, can aid concentration. Ideal for complex lab experiments or periods of more intense study. Lecture Theatres Effective lighting helps set the stage for a lecture...

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University Lighting - 8

The general environment of your university is just as important as the classrooms and labs in terms of your brand image. From an energy-saving perspective, it’s also important to address areas of the campus which use a great deal of light. Refectories and cafés Student Union It’s important not to overlook the student union. After all, it’s the place in which the majority of your student population will meet, drink and socialise. The flexibility of modern lighting allows you to adjust the ambience for specific events and to cut back on energy bills. Entrance and communal areas From the...

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University Lighting - 9

Universities are more than just the lecture halls, laboratories and communal parts of your buildings. The identity of your institution is also reflected in the exterior of buildings, walkways, sports facilities and car parks. University lighting Lighting the facades of your buildings in an interesting and eye-catching way can have both a functional and decorative effect. Change the look to tie in with specific events in the university calendar or to reflect your distinctive brand identity. Safety for students, staff and visitors is of paramount importance, particularly during the winter and...

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University Lighting - 10

Unite Students Unite Students is the leading operator of purpose-built student accommodation. Philips is working alongside the organisation to transform over 120 properties in 23 UK towns and cities. The project will involve 300,000 new light fittings and 85,000 sensors and dimmers. Providing you with a total solution In each of the sites, the entire lighting solution not only minimises the building’s energy consumption, but will also dramatically lower expenditure by lasting longer than previous solutions and for many years beyond traditional lighting fixtures. In addition, the new...

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University Lighting - 11

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