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Supermarkets Feel what light can do for your customers

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“The fight against climate change is an enormous challenge. Our cooperation with Philips, for example reducing the energy consumption of our cooler lighting, has brought us closer to an energy efficient solution.” Martijn Versteegh, Green Manager Ahold Feel what light can do for your business Lighting energises us, makes us feel comfortable and allows us to enjoy interacting with others. Philips provides flexible lighting solutions that make customers feel comfortable and help them to make the right buying decisions. At the same time they save energy, increase revenue and save the...

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Make customers feel at ease in your supermarket Inspiring customers With strong competition in the retail sector, supermarkets must inspire customers with a good shopping experience to make sure they return. But one solution doesn’t fit all and each area has specific needs in terms of its lighting. New developments in LED technology provide energyefficient solutions that bring out the best in the products on display– even in demanding situations such as freezers, coolers and fresh food areas. Clever controls Our clever lighting controls take supermarket lighting to a whole new level. You...

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Sustainability Lighting accounts for the biggest part of your energy bill, 42% of energy usage comes from lighting. 70% of the total is inefficient. Investing in lighting is one of the easiest ways to cut costs and impact. So we’ve developed a full range of lighting solutions that are socially responsible, technologically advanced and pleasing to the eye. Helping companies to sustain themselves and the environment. Feel responsible Operational advantages of LED Systems that use LED sources are smart in other ways too. LEDs are low maintenance with a long lifetime. They also emit no heat,...

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Supermarket overview Our lighting solutions can add value in many different ways throughout your supermarket. In the fruit and vegetables section, at the meat and fish counter, even at the checkouts. On the following pages you will find examples for nine typical areas of a supermarket. The products shown are only a small selection of what is available for that particular application. 05. Wine 07. Aisles, promotional goods and shelves 03. Cheese, bread and pastries 09. Warehouse and cold store

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In outdoor areas, the best lighting effects are achieved by using LED lamps, LED luminaires and the right controls. White LED light plays a vital role in making people feel safe after dark. Its higher perceived brightness and superior colour rendering make it easier to distinguish objects, colours, shapes and people. Faces are easier to recognise, even from a distance, so shoppers also feel safe outside your store. Feel welcome Using dynamic LED displays outside your supermarket is a great way to attract potential customers, highlight your store and strengthen your brand identity. Our...

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Feel attracted Fruits and vegetables Fresh produce like luscious green vegetables and glowing fruits always have a special appeal to customers. But their freshness also shows how much your supermarket cares about quality. Using crisp white lighting will draw the attention of the shopper towards the fresh produce. Special optics and dedicated fresh food spectrum will create extra attraction and enhance the image of quality. All without generating heat or UV that can spoil fresh produce and lead to discolouration and unnecessary waste. Directional lighting can bring out the freshness and...

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Bio-Planet Building a new store gave Bio-Planet the opportunity to choose the most sustainable and energy-efficient materials. Philips installed the Green Supermarket using LED solutions to light products more attractively and keep them fresh for longer. The total energy savings in store are 25%. “With the Green Supermarket concept, Philips matches Bio-Planet’s green philosophy perfectly. It’s a smart selection of environmentally friendly and cost-saving lighting solutions, which are also customer friendly.” Tamara de Ridder, Marketing Manager Bio-Planet Leuven, Belgium Lighting designer:...

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Il Gigante The fresh food department is a key area where quality of light can influence what Il Gigante’s customers purchase. Light levels are also particularly high compared to other departments in the store. The lighting solution provides high efficiency and perfect colour rendering over a wide range of produce. Store managers now have the freedom and flexibility to change the layout whenever they need to. Milan, Italy Product solutions: Magneos 100W SDW-TG with filter

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Feel tempted Cheese, bread and pastries The smell of fresh bread and pastries is irresistible, but the right lighting can also seduce your customers into spoiling themselves with a little treat. Cheese is a delicate product that can easily be harmed if handled, or lit, incorrectly. So it’s essential that the lighting creates no “hot spots” that could impair the flavour. This can be done perfectly with Philips LED solutions which don’t radiate heat in the beam, this eliminates hot spots automatically. When it comes to appearance, all cheeses look their best in light with a touch of yellow,...

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energy saved Greggs The UK’s leading bakery became the first retailer in Europe to light its sales floor entirely with LED. A combination of ceiling recessed, spots and under-shelf lighting creates a bright ambience that delivers immediate savings in energy, maintenance and re-lamping costs. “We had been following the progress of LED lighting for some time, waiting for it to offer both the levels of performance and the cost-effectiveness we required. We are very pleased with the results at Bromley and will be evaluating the performance of the lighting with a view to including it in other...

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EDEKA Grenzach, Germany Freshly-caught fish needs to be kept cold: LED Cooler modules make sure quality will be maintained as they don’t radiate any heat towards the products on display. For white fish a cold, white light is best to use, whereas for red fish a warmer colour temperature will enhance its natural attractiveness. Magneos oval Feel fresh More than any other produce, shoppers use the visual appearance of meat to decide on its freshness and quality. It has been shown that warm white light with a subtle red glow will display the meat at its best. The use of oval optics in...

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