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SmartBright LED Oyster CL261 DS Oyster 15.5W 30-40-65K IP54 ANZ The new Philips tri-colour Splashproof Oyster offers exceptional value. It is perfect for your everyday lighting installations. It comes with a 3 CCT selection switch to provide flexibility to the customer. Product data Approval and Application General Information Light source color Ingress protection code IP54 [ Dust accumulation-protected, splash-proof] Initial Performance (IEC Compliant) Operating and Electrical Initial luminous flux (system flux) Input Voltage Initial LED luminaire efficacy Input Frequency Init. Corr. Color Temperature Init. Color Rendering Index Initial input power Controls and Dimming Dimmable Over Time Performance (IEC Compliant) Median useful life L70B50 Mechanical and Housing Housing Material Application Conditions Overall length Ambient temperature range Overall width Overall height Product Data Overall diameter Full product code Order product name EAN/UPC - Product Order code data subject to change

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Numerator - Quantity Per Pack Numerator - Packs per outer box Dimensional drawing Photometric data Time (hours) data subject to change

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