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Philips remote monitoring and control systems Intelligent management of your road and street lighting

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Energy cost savings Maintenance efficiencies Improved safety Minimized light nuisance Enhanced green image

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Municipal authorities around the world are having to operate under tremendous financial constraints. At the same time, they are under pressure to meet environmental protection goals by reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint while complying with lighting norms and standards. Faced with the challenge of increasing urbanization, these same municipal authorities are having to create cities and towns that are safe and enjoyable to live, work and do business in. Providing safer streets for both motorists and pedestrians, tackling crime, developing local commerce, promoting tourism...

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Starsense is a revolutionary telemanagement system for monitoring controlling metering and diagnosing outdoor lighting. Wireless is based on two-way wireless communication using the latest in mesh network technology while Starsense Powerline is based on the LonWorks® protocol over power line Energy and maintenance savings Starsense saves energy and reduces operating and maintenance costs while improving both the quality and reliability of outdoor lighting.The system enables ndividual light points to be switched on or off at any given time, orto be set to any level, for instance depending on...

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AmpLight is an intelligent streetlight management and control system. It optimizes street light usage to lower energy consumption (e.g. by decreasing the lighting level at off-peak traffic hours) and to reduce maintenance cost - all without compromising on quality and safety AmpLight can be easily integrated into existing installations without the need for new cabling. With installations worldwide, AmpLight has been proven to work in extreme climates and Both Starsense solutions and AmpLight feature the same user nterface, which is provided by CityTouch, a user-friendly lighting management...

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How Starsense Wireless works The Starsense Wireless system consists of luminaire-based Outdoor. Luminaire Controllers (OLCs) suitable for any dimmable driver supporting I - I OV or DALI, a Segment Controller (SC) and an optional modem (only needed when the segment controller cannot be directly connected to a local network). The OLCs communicate with the SC in a mesh network, which means that every OLC in the network can receive and transmit messages. The system can be easily commissioned using the specially designed Outdoor Configuration Assistant tool. Outdoor Luminaire Controller (OLC)...

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Outdoor Configuration Assistant Commissioning of the Starsense Wireless system is done simply and remotely using the specially designed Outdoor Configuration Assistant tool. This device allows easy and fast on-site installation, with bar code scanning and GPS positioning of the OLC, and local refinement of its position on street maps. It also allows the customer's light plan to be uploaded into the system. Starsense Wireless - at a glance • Easy to integrate OLC into luminaire • Simple, fast installation and commissioning • Freedom to select any dimmable driver supplier using DALI or I-IOV...

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How Starsense Powerline works Starsense Powerline is based on the LonWorks® protocol over power line.This is an open protocol, which works in outdoor lighting telemanagement solutions and has been widely adopted in the market.This allows the customer to choose between different solutions from a variety of vendors. Starsense Powerline implements the most advanced repeating technology, enabling other light points to repeat commands when necessary, thereby ensuring that all commands reach their destination, even in adverse communication conditions. Starsense Powerline provides different ways...

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The Segment Controller controls a number of OLCs connected to the same power grid and gathers information from them to be sent, when required, to the remote PC via internet, typically through GPRS.The SC can be used to interface with other devices in the cabinet, such as traffic counters or weather sensors.The SC is normally located in a nearby cabinet. Outdoor Configuration Assistant The system can be easily commissioned using the same specially designed Outdoor Configuration Assistant tool as Starsense Wireless. Starsense Powerline - at a glance • Simple, fast installation and...

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Hardware modules are installed in control cabinets and enable communication from the central server to the control cabinets via wireless (e.g. GPRS) or wired (e.g. fiber-optic) link. With AmpLight's building block system, the solution can be tailor-made for each client and easily upgraded by adding new modules with additional functionalities as needed. This highly flexible solution enables clients to choose from different configurations depending on their requirements.The options below can be mixed and matched as required. For instance, a municipality can be partly equipped with the basic...

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Clients requiring full monitoring capabilities and a very high up-time get a complete overview of faults in the control cabinet and a system with optimized maintenance and service functionalities. At the heart of the AmpLight system is a dedicated central processing unit, which autonomously executes complex tasks based on the configurations set up by • Control cabinet fault monitoring • Remote reporting of usage and digital consumption recording • Burn hour reports for proactive bulb change • Local solar-time switching, supplemented by a central photocell ensuring uniformity • Lighting...

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A partner you can trust for total solutions At Philips, we are committed to working together with you to enhance your road nfrastructure. We can provide total solutions - from lamps and luminaires through to lighting controls and lighting management systems - all backed up with dedicated application know-how and support. We design our advanced lighting solutions and technology around the needs of the people who experience them. Let us be the partner you can rely on to help you create tomorrow's state-of-the-art street and road networks. Contact details: ©201 I Koninklijke Philips...

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