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A simple and flexible solution to designing modern light lines in professional and retail spaces PlainView, suspended Light line solutions are always in fashion. therefore we know that delivering innovation in this field is crucial. PlainView is a modern-looking, neat luminaire offering comfortable, good-quality lighting, which can also work as a design element. The luminaires offer high-quality specifications and flexibility with different options for lumen packages. Thanks to these features and benefits, PlainView delivers ideal lighting in the non-working areas of professional spaces such as offices, educational institutes and also the welcoming areas and entrances of retail spaces. Benefits • Clean and uniform light • Multiple application use • Easy to install and maintain • A long-lasting, reliable luminaire data subject to change Product family leaflet, 2019, December 12

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PlainView - 2

Features • Homogeneous exit window • Can create standalone and continuous lines of light and offers recessed and suspended variants • The same modules are used for standalone and continuous light lines, providing flexibility and making installation easier • Delivers Philips quality Application • Office - circulation and common areas • Education - circulation and common areas • Retail - general lighting in shops • Healthcare - circulation and common areas Initial luminous flux 3800, 4800 lm Light source color 840 neutral white replaceable Material Housing: aluminium Material Reflector: -...

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PlainView, suspended Product details PlainView_Suspended- Product family leaflet, 2019, December 12 data subject to change

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Application Conditions Ambient temperature range Suitable for random switching Approval and Application Mech. impact protection code Ingress protection code Application Conditions Order Code Full Product Name Maximum dim level General Information CE mark Protection class IEC Driver included ENEC mark Flammability mark Glow-wire test Light source replaceable Number of gear units Optic type CE mark Safety class I Yes F Temperature 650 °C, duration 30 s No 1 unit No Initial Performance (IEC Compliant) Initial chromaticy (0.38, 0.38) SDCM Init. Corr. Colour Temperature 4000 K Init. Colour...

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PlainView - 5

PlainView, suspended © 2019 Signify Holding All rights reserved. Signify does not give any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information included herein and shall not be liable for any action in reliance thereon. The information presented in this document is not intended as any commercial offer and does not form part of any quotation or contract, unless otherwise agreed by Signify. All trademarks are owned by Signify Holding or their respective owners. 2019, December 12 - data subject to change

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