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Offices Feel what light can do for office life

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Breitner Tower, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Make the office feel great Lighting doesn’t just illuminate the office. It can change the way we feel, influence people’s energy levels and performance and enhance our sense of well-being. Our lighting solutions give the green light to a healthier, happier workplace. You can add your own style, adjust ambiences and enhance life in the office with the power of light.

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Royal Bank of Scotland Scotland Make your workplace healthy Light has a profound effect on our physical and emotional health. By working with experts we’ve gained a better understanding of this complex relationship. We’ve used our insights to develop lighting solutions that enhance well-being and improve performance. Because when people feel better, they work better. Feel light work Our expertise in office lighting revolves around three areas of focus. We’re passionate about helping you to create a healthier workplace to enhance well- Put your company on stage Lighting solutions can also be...

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21st century workplaces Office life is changing rapidly with advances in technology and the way we communicate. The pace is faster, more knowledge intensive and customer focused. With staff under constant pressure to perform in complex roles, inadequate lighting can contribute to stress and affect performance. The challenge for employers is to create a 21st century work environment that maximises their wellbeing and productivity. Feel better, work better Lighting has a profound effect on how we feel and plays a vital role in creating a healthy workplace. Natural daylight is an important...

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Feel greener Buildings in Europe account for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and around 30% of that is related to lighting. With concerns about the environmental impact of buildings on climate change, many organisations are committed to using more sustainable solutions. Philips has been setting the pace in green building initiatives. Our solutions can make your building greener and more energy efficient so it’s more desirable and easier to rent. And because greener buildings command higher Saving energy If saving energy is your goal there are a number of strategies you can employ: 1....

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Philips and Green Buildings In response to a growing demand to minimise the environmental impact of buildings, many organisations have developed Green Building certification systems. For example, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system started by the United States Green Building Council whereas BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is a system established in the UK by the BRE (Building Research Establishment). Both LEED and BREEAM are widely accepted as international standards for Green Building certification. Our comprehensive portfolio of lighting...

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Brand identity Funky or functional. Cool or corporate. Lighting sets the tone for the way you do business. Use it to create the right impression everywhere from the boardroom to the back office. Our stylish solutions are designed to complement and enhance your office decor, creating colourful, attractive spaces with welcoming ambiences that are a pleasure to work in. Feel different Innovative control The most sophisticated lighting schemes require clever controls. With intuitive, fingertip control, solutions like ToBeTouched can make setting the office ambience as each as changing the...

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Co-development Our aim is to work together on creating new lighting solutions that will add value to your business. We can give you access to the latest technologies, more than a century of lighting knowledge, plus a dedicated team of experts who can help you to fulfil your ideas. Co-development could help you to create new ideas that lead your offices in sustainability, achieve new levels of energy savings or define new models for your lighting needs. With our joint efforts we can realise opportunities and solve problems that could change the future of lighting for offices. Turnkey...

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Offices content overview Our office products can add value in many different ways throughout your building from reception areas to meeting rooms and corridors. On the following pages you will find total solutions for eight typical areas of an office. The products shown are only a small selection of what is available for that particular application. 02. Corridors and circulation areas 03. Open plan office

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Create ambience From the moment clients walk into your reception you can create appeal with attractive, dynamic lighting that will enhance their expectations. From dramatic, vibrant schemes that reflect your corporate colours to soft ambience designed to soothe the senses, we have the right solution for every style of office. Feel welcome With a combination of our dynamic lighting solutions and intuitive controls you can create a fluid ambience that reacts to natural light levels. Colourful accents can guide visitors to the reception desk or make seating areas more inviting. Add to that...

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save up to AB Group AB Group is passionate about eco-sustainability and wanted to light its new engineering hub to maximise staff comfort without wasting resources. DayZone and LuxSpace were the perfect solutions. Long lasting, with impressive visual comfort they guarantee energy savings and reduce maintenance costs by 70%. Daylight harvesting and presence detection switch lights off when there is enough natural light or an office is not in use, saving AB Group even more. 70% “Our objective was to use technically innovative products that were able to manage energy resources in an optimum...

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Unit 4 Agresso The business software producer wanted the reception in its new office building to be welcoming, energy efficient and sustainable without compromising comfort or aesthetics. The Philips ceiling and light fixture system with Fugato downlights provides optimum lighting performance and design consistency. The stylish lighting solution is extremely discreet and also provides good overhead noise insulation to enhance staff and visitor well-being. “t looks exceptionally tidy. You can only see the I edges of the bandrasters, but other than that the system is entirely hidden. That...

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