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The new art of light


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The new art of light - 2

Light an important and indispensable part of our lives and our world. Light affects our moods, improves our well-being and allows us to experience and achieve more. The fascination with light has never ceased.

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The new art of light - 3

Lumiblade OLEDs Lumiblade OLEDs More than just a new source of light Lumiblade OLEDs

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The new art of light - 4

1.8 millimeters thick (~ 0.07 inches thick) Lumiblade OLEDs pleasant and nondazzling light Lumiblade OLEDs adaptable material every color, shape and structure For the first time in the history of lighting consumers can enjoy an entirely new form of light. Light from the just 1.8 millimeter-thick (~ 0.07 inches) Lumiblade OLED has its own characteristics that leave anything seen until now in the shadows.

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The new art of light - 5

Lumiblade OLEDs Lumiblade OLEDs Lumiblade OLEDs As soon as it is turned on, the entire surface of the OLED delivers pleasant, non-dazzling light at a quality that other light sources and systems cannot achieve.

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The new art of light - 6

Lumiblade OLEDs With its Lumiblade OLEDs, Philips offers numerous variations of the new light source right out of the box. Whether square, round or rectangular – Lumiblade OLEDs impress not only with their light, but also with the variety of shapes and colors. Lumiblade OLEDs

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The new art of light - 7

Lumiblade OLEDs And even with structure Having worked closely with designers, architects and artists, we know that enough is not always enough. Especially when it comes to custom projects, the choice of light source cannot form a constraint. Rather, the source of light should integrate seamlessly into the concept, without limiting it. That is why we manufacture custom-made OLEDs, suitable for any lighting project. Upon request, in any color, and even with stucture. In doing so, we are setting new standards with this new light source. Lumiblade OLEDs

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The new art of light - 8

Components The light source of tomorrow – available today Experience in working with light has been one of Philips’ core competencies for over 120 years. With the arrival of the new Lumiblade OLED technology, a new dimension has been achieved. Never before has a source of light had such unique characteristics and integrated into other materials so easily. No wonder then that Philips has offered this fascinating technology since 2008 in different variations and levels of integration. This means light designers, artists and even OEMs have access to the light source of the future – today.

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The new art of light - 9

Philips Lumiblade OLEDs The new light in its purest form Philips offers its new lighting technology in a number of geometric shapes that are suitable for most applications and installations. Designers and those interested have access to OLEDs in their original form in the Lumiblade shop at An ideal opportunity to get familiarized with the new light source. Philips Lumiblade also offers the appropriate electronics as well as further advice. Moreover, OLEDs are a true raw material that can be integrated seamlessly into any design. The customer decides whether to...

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The new art of light - 10

Philips Lumiblade Module Unconventional OLED lighting solutions made possible by integrated technology Lumiblade OLEDs are available in many versions. For users who just want to focus on the design and less on the electronics, the Lumiblade Module is the perfect solution. They are available in transparent plastic or aluminum, and all of the control electronics are hidden inside the casing. This means that users can concentrate fully on the design of the product without having to worry about the integration of the necessary electronics for the OLEDs. With this solution, Philips is staying...

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The new art of light - 11

20 The New Art of Light Components Components The New Art of Light 2 Philips Lumiblade Lighting with an airy design The experience gained from the module was incorporated into a larger solution, the Philips Lumiblade Module CN4, which contains four modules in a row elegantly framed in metal. Intended as a basic building block, these modules can be used as much more than a stylish light on the sales floor When framed, they are the ideal component for an airy hanging pendant light, for example.The luminaire shown on pages 62 till 67 contains a total of 72 of these modules and is, at seven...

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The new art of light - 12

Philips Lumiblade OLED GL350 The best of both worlds OLEDs never fail to impress with their particularly natural light. They have found many friends, especially in the interior design industry. The new Philips Lumiblade OLED GL350 Panel is the first of its kind to be strong in the field of functional light. With dimensions of 124.5 by 124.5 millimeters (~ 4.9 by 4.9 inches) and with a luminous flux of 120 lumens, the new OLED delivers enough light to be used, for example, in a table lamp or other functional lamp. With its high homogeneity, and as the first OLED suitable for general lighting...

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The new art of light - 13

Solutions One lighting technology – unlimited lighting solutions See light as more than just a source of light – see it as a material. This is the exciting idea that guides our actions at Philips Lumiblade. A new light source is only as good as the imaginations of those who have created it. Even at the very early stage of development, Philips placed a high value on working together with lighting and product designers. Philips calls this approach “open invention”. It has resulted in us being able to offer a range of solutions based on OLED technology early on. And this at a time when OLED...

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The new art of light - 14

An aura of OLED light Lumiblade OLEDs are the source of extremely at- tractive, natural light. But they can do a lot more.The best example of this is the LivingShapes interactive mirror At first glance, the square grid of OLEDs appears simply to be a light

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The new art of light - 15

In fact it is intelligent sensor technology combined with a mirror. It senses when someone moves close. The LivingShapes interactive mirror detects the outline of the person and switches off the OLEDs that are in the field of vision of the observer.

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The new art of light - 16

In this way, the light installation transforms into a mirror which immerses the viewer in an aura of OLED light. The mirror image is both shadow-free and very natural. This makes the mirror ideal for high-standard hotel rooms or as a special accessory next to the cloakroom in lounges or lobbies. title Autor/atlier date observs. Size of the mirror: 75 x 75 x 4.9 cm (~ 29.53 x 29.53x1.82 in) Number of OLEDs: 64 Perception range: 10 - 150 cm (~ 4 - 60 in)

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