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Mini 300 LED gen3


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Mini 300 LED gen3 - 1

Mini 300 LED gen3 BBP333 LED159/757 I PRM MDUW Mini 300 LED gen3 - LED module 15900 Im - 757 cool white -Power supply unit with DALI interface - Safety class I - Petrol rotational symmetric medium - White Philips Mini 300 LED gen3 luminaires, perfect product design and latest LED technology combination for highly efficient light outputs can turn your petrol station into a branded landmark and help visitors to approach safely in visual comfort. Mini 300 LED gen3, the state-of-the-art LED luminaires with light on demand intelligent motion sensing control system takes energy saving to new levels with dimming, but at the same time, ensuring sufficient lighting for orientation and safety. The light scenarios can be tailored to your preference at the first installation or during the lifespan of the products. The optional Master-Slave combination with a built-in presence and light sensor there’s no need for an external sensor and one Master Mini 300 LED gen3 can control up to 6 basic luminaires. Not only will this have a positive impact on your investment, it can also lead to additional energy saving. Mini 300 LED gen3 luminaire is so light that it can be installed effortlessly by one person. Luminaire settings can even be changed from ground level using a smart phone or tablet as a remote control, eliminating the need to work at height. With the free Mini 300 LED App, even the status of the luminaire can be read while standing on the floor. The Mini 300 LED gen3 luminaires in recessed mounted, surface mounted and floodlight versions, which are suitable for undercanopy lighting, is a breakthrough, retrofit solution reduces installation costs. General Information Number of gear units 1 unit Lamp family code LED159 [ LED module 15900 lm] Driver/power unit/transformer Power supply unit with DALI interface Light source color 757 cool white Driver included Yes Light source replaceable Yes Optical cover/lens type Polycarbonate bowl/cover flat data subject to change

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Mini 300 LED gen3 - 2

Luminaire light beam spread Control interface Flammability mark CE mark ENEC mark Warranty period Optic type outdoor Remarks Constant light output Number of products on MCB of 16 A type B RoHS mark Light source engine type Product family code 113° Internal (no external connection) Push-in connector 5-pole Cable without plug 3-pole Safety class I For mounting on normally flammable surfaces CE mark ENEC mark 5 years Petrol rotational symmetric medium *-Per Lighting Europe guidance paper “Evaluating performance of LED based luminaires - January 2018”: statistically there is no relevant...

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Mini 300 LED gen3 - 3

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