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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 1

Perfect Sparkle, Unrivalled Efficiency Complete overview spring 2012

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 2

Lighting that rnakdHH merchandise irresistible

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 4

Discover what the latest CDM Elite can do for you The unique combination of best light quality, lowest total cost of ownership and long lifetime Best Quality of light Give your shop extra sparkle that makes it irresistible, year after year! • Superior enhancement of merchandise (CRI>90) and perfect red rendering • High lumen maintenance of 80% @ 15,000 hrs • Excellent color consistency over lifetime • Special versions available to enhance the look of fresh food (MASTERColour CDM Fresh) or to create the perfect ambience for bakeries and furniture showrooms (MASTERColour CDM Warm) Superb TCO...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 5

The diagrams below shows the excellent color consistency of MASTERColour CDM Elite lamps (over lifetime). The red green and blue symbols, indicating color performance over 100, 1,000 and 2,000 hours, are tightly clustered together. MASTERColour CDM Elite: colour consistency over lifetime 4000K What’s so special about MASTERColour CDM Elite? Compared to standard CDM lamps: • Superior red rendering (R9 +45) • Longer life: +25% • More light: +20% lumen output • Extended lumen maintenance: 80% @ 15,000 hrs SDCM 3 SDCM 4 SDCM 5 SDCM 9 SDCM 10 SDCM 12 100 hrs 1000 hrs 2000 hrs* Other brand 2:...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 6

The absolute flagship in retail lighting The Philips MASTERColour CDM portfolio Superior merchandise enhancement While standard MASTERColour CDM lamp solutions offer you value for money compared to halogen, the absolute flagship of the industry is the MASTERColour CDM Elite range. MASTERColour CDM Elite offers you superior enhancement of merchandise, with color rendering of 90 and perfect red rendering. Considerably longer lifetime Combined with MASTERColour CDM Elite’s winning position in lumen-per-Watt, through-life maintenance and considerably longer lifetime, MASTERColour CDM Elite wins...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 7

The latest generation MASTERColour CDM-T and -TC Elite lamps are ideal for attracting more people into your store. Their sparkling, dramatic light at 3000K is perfect for both accent and decorative effects in fashion retail. The constant lumen output generates substantial energy savings compared to other ceramic lamps, and the longer lamp lifespan cuts relamping costs as well. In addition, you get that renowned efficiency; MASTERColour CDM-T and -TC Elite 50W and 100W lamps generate comparable lumen levels to 70W and 150W standard CDM lamps respectively over time. For a crisp, sparkling...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 8

MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite 35W/942 Elite 70W/942 See the complete range in the product overview (page 15 onwards) The unique properties of Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite lamps are now available with cool light (at 4200K). This is in response to the growing trend in retail lighting for the energetic, clean ambience generated by lamps operating at a higher color temperature. The 942 range is ideal for in example cosmetic stores, because the clean, crisp light creates a brilliant and radiant atmosphere. It also makes metallic products look extra shiny, so it’s also extremely suitable for...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 9

The new-generation Philips MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Warm lamps create an appealing, warm atmosphere while saving significant amounts of energy. MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Warm 70W/925 See the complete range in the product overview (page 15 onwards) With their unique low color temperature (2500K) they generate a sparkling yet mellow ambience which is perfect for bringing out the best in breads, furniture and other goods with rich, red/brown tones. Yet other colors also come across extremely well thanks to a CRI of 92. The CDM-T/TC Warm is also characterized by a very low cost of ownership. The...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 10

MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Light Boost Elite 70W/930 Elite 70W/942 See the complete range in the product overview (page 15 onwards) This breakthrough innovation allows you to significantly vary brightness - by dimming or boosting - while maintaining excellent quality of light. The MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost keeps the color stable during dimming so that you have the reassurance that your merchandise will always be displayed at its best. This lamp is available in two color temperatures (3000K & 4200K) so you can choose the most appropriate effect - warmer and sparkling or a...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 11

MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini GU6.5 NEW Elite 35W/930 Elite 50W/930 See the complete range in the product overview In addition to the MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini PGJ5, we also offer mini lamps with a standard GU6.5 socket. These advanced lamps contain the latest Ceramic Metal Halide technology developments from Philips to give sparkling, crisp white light with exceptional lumen maintenance up to 80% at 15,000 hrs. MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini lamps are ideal for use in stylish, small luminaires.* (page 15 onwards) * External control gear is required

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 12

MASTERColour CDM-Rm Mini GX10 Elite 35W/930 Elite 50W/930 See the complete range in the product overview MASTERColour CDM-Rm Mini lamps fit in perfectly with the ongoing trend towards greater miniaturization. They offer an ideal combination of excellent light quality and lower running costs in an extremely compact housing. The crisp, white light is delivered at illumination levels up to three times higher than alternatives such as halogen. For extra convenience, these tiny lamps can be retrofitted into halogen luminaires*. 4200K versions are available to give an extra sparkle to shiny...

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MASTERColour CDM Elite - 13

MASTERColour CDM-R Elite PAR30L 35W/930 Elite PAR30L 70W/930 See the complete range in the product overview (page 15 onwards) The MASTERColour CDM-R range is ideal in applications where you want to vary light beam angles easily; simply change from spot to flood by replacing the lamp. These lamps are a direct replacement for PAR20/30* halogen reflector lamps, generating sparkling displays for one-third of the energy and heat and with up to four times the lifespan. The MASTERColour CDM Elite version brings superior quality of light to reflector lamps with an industry-leading lumen maintenance...

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