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Luminous International Magazine No. 3


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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 1

SUSTAINABILITY Is it only performance? RENZO PIANO Closer to Nature LIGHTING MASTER PLAN International Lighting Magazine 2009/3 July

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 2

colofon published by | Philips Lighting BV – Mathildelaan 1, Eindhoven 5611 BD, The Netherlands – editor in chief | Vincent Laganier editorial department/Marketing Communications | Marijn Damen, Nils Hansen steering committee | Peter Halmans, Fernand Pereira copywriting & editing | Jonathan Ellis translations | Lion Bridge graphic design concept | Philips Design dtp | Relate4u printing | Print Competence Center more info | T: +31 (0)40 - 2755928 ISSN nr | 1876-2972 12 NC | 3222 63559951 EDITORIAL Good lighting design and sustainability...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 3

3 DIALOGUE Challenges in lighting design LIGHT SOURCE 4 Astra Tower, Hamburg, Germany PLATFORM 8 Renzo Piano Genoa, Italy SNAPSHOT 10 Orquideorama, Colombia Monumento del Libertad, Spain Al Zahra hospital, UAE Anandpur Sahib, India CitizenM hotel, The Netherlands New Federation Tower, Russia Neptune Fountain, Italy Möbelhof Ingolstadt, Germany INTRODUCTION 18 Sustainability, is it only performance? PROJECT REPORT 20 National Assembly of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom PROJECT REPORT 24 Odeon, Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Munich, Germany PROJECT REPORT 28 Octavio Frias de Oliveira...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 5

5 “ ASTRA TOWER, HAMBURG, GERMANY THE SHINE FROM WITHIN” Interview by Guido Diesing The design of the Astra Tower in the port of Hamburg was a stroke of luck for Tobias Grau. As a lighting designer, interior designer and furniture designer, he was able to develop a uniform form language for the office building. If you ask anyone from anywhere in the world what they think of first when they hear the word Hamburg, they’ll immediately say the port and the Reeperbahn. If you want to stand out in this neighbourhood you have to have something to offer. Like the Astra Tower. Located right on the...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 6

Carsten Brügmann, Michael Wurzbach 6 DIALOGUE

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 7

It is this transparency that is the secret of the nocturnal shine. “The corridor area around the building core is illuminated by a light band made of pendant fluorescent tubes that shine a neutral white light upwards and downwards from the middle and also light up the white laminated panelling.” In order to create a uniform impression, Grau also fitted the standard and table lamps in the office areas with neutral white fluorescent lamps. “Since there is no colour difference with the ambient lighting, the desired effect of making the core of the tower visible from outside like a white column...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 8

8 DIALOGUE Stefano Goldberg RENZO PIANO Architect, RPBW, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Genoa, Italy Interview by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi “The more I reduce the material, the closer I get to nature, and enter into a relationship with light and the wind” As far as Renzo Piano is concerned, a successful architect must be at the same time a good engineer, a good sociologist, a good economist and a good geographer. But if he wants to go further than this and create poetry, he needs to know how to work with wind and light. Why did you decide to become an architect? It was the natural thing to...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 9

Were you surprised about that? There were many competitors, and it was a prestigious job. We were young – I was 33 and Richard was 36 – and we had little experience. The Jury consisted of Jean Prouvé, Oscar Niemeyer and Philip Johnson, who admired the innovative nature of our proposal. This was a time when people were receptive to innovation. What does sustainability in architecture mean to you? I like to associate the word sustainability with elevation. The more I remove whatever is excessive, the more I economise in materials. The more I reduce the material, the closer I get to nature,...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 10

Sergio Gomez ORQUIDEORAMA, THE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA An astonishing forest of trees in the shape of flowers has sprung up in Medellin, “the city of eternal springtime”. Visitors walk beneath elevated foliage in subdued lighting, skirting around the gigantic trunks and discovering that they are hollow and the orchids are growing inside them. Orquideorama is a project brimming with poetry and technical genius designed by the young Plan: b arquitectura architects (in association with the jprc architects) for the botanic gardens in Medellin. For this project they planted ten...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 11

Luis de Pazos MONUMENTO A LA LIBERTAD, PLAZA DEL SOL, MOSTOLES, SPAIN On 2 May 1808, the Mayor of Móstoles (a city 20 km from Madrid) signed the Independence Proclamation following the uprising against Napoleon’s French army. To mark the bicentennial of this event, the city of Móstoles has created a huge architectural monument, visible throughout the entire city, in the new “Plaza del Sol” square. The monument is in the shape of a prismatic box and is made of Cor-Ten Steel supported by four pillars. Its dimensions are related to the dates of both the original event and the bicentennial:...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 12

12 FOOTER AL ZAHRA HOSPITAL SHARJAH, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Medical procedures like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can often frighten people, especially children, who feel uneasy in a medical setting and are anxious about the outcome. Al Zahra Hospital, which was established in 1980 by Gulf Medical Projects Company and, with 100 beds, is the largest private general hospital in the UAE, has recently introduced Philips AmbiScene, an LED-based lighting concept with changing light colours and light intensity, which creates a comforting and calming atmosphere, reducing patient anxiety. Each...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 3 - 13

ANANDPUR SAHIB, BLISS, INDIA Gurdwara is the sacred place of worship for the Sikhs. The architecture features some elements borrowed from the Mughal architecture and the Rajput palaces and forts, but also includes some original concepts reflecting the principles of the religion and features a combination of square, rectangular, octagonal and cruciform shapes. There is a ‘gumbad’ (dome) on the top of the sanctum, which is usually fluted or ribbed and white in colour. The top is decorated with an inverted lotus-shaped structure and the base also reflects a floral theme. The objective of the...

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