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Luminous International Magazine No. 2


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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 1

International Lighting Magazine 2008/2 December CREATING SPACES FOR PEOPLE ROGIER VAN DE HEIDE (ARUP) “Lighting is no longer an after-thought” FLEXIBLE LIGHTING

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 2

colofon published by | Philips Lighting BV – Mathildelaan 1, Eindhoven. 5611 BD, The Netherlands – editor in chief | Vincent Laganier editorial department/Marketing Communications | Marga Janse, Nicole Brekelmans steering committee | Afke Bokma, Peter Halmans, Fernand Pereira copywriting | Jonathan Ellis translations | Lion Bridge graphic design concept | Philips Design dtp | Relate4u printing | Print Competence Center more info | Luminous@ T: +31 (0)40 27 57956 ISSN nr | 1876-2972 12NC | 3222 635 5678 2 EDITORIAL Defining space is one of the challenges...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 3

3 DIALOGUE Challenges in lighting design LIGHT SOURCE 4 Le Rêve, Las Vegas, USA SUSTAINABILITY 8 Sparanise Power Station, Italy PLATFORM 12 Rogier van der Heide, Amsterdam, The Netherlands SNAPSHOT 14 Generali Office Showroom Mercedes Benz Monza / Amsterdam paths The Odeon Theatre Stadium center mall St. Pancras Station Beijing Airport Letzigrund Stadium INTRODUCTION 22 Creating spaces for people PROJECT REPORT 24 Expo Zaragoza 2008, Zaragoza, Spain PROJECT REPORT 28 Triennale Museum, Milan, Italy PROJECT REPORT 32 The Zénith, Strassbourg, France PERCEPTIONS 36 Urban Lighting BLUE SKY...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 4

4 DIALOGUE Koert Vermeulen Tomasz Rossa

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 5

5 LE RÊVE, LAS VEGAS, USA LIGHT REMAINS A SECRET” Interview by Jonathan Ellis Koert Vermeulen, the Belgium-based lighting designer who hit the headlines with his work for the Las Vegas spectacle ‘Le Rêve’, is passionate about light in all its aspects. In this interview he reflects on his work, his passion, and his aims. “Light is nothing”, he says. “It is energy, perhaps the greatest source of energy we know, and we have the arrogance to believe we can control it. It is intangible. You can feel the earth beneath your feet, you can feel the wind - but light remains a mystery. A secret. Yet...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 6

“The concept included, for example, the use of film and a large swimming pool filled with water as the ‘floor’. The difficulties that created were incredible. We used a special test pool in Paris to try out our effects – research that took nearly a year and a half. In the end, we decided to use LED to bring the water to life. We installed an almost continuous ring of powerful LED fixtures near to the surface of the pool – and with that we were able to produce the effects we were after. “And then there was the dome, and the fact that the production would be in-theround. Early on we made the...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 7

7 Tomasz Rossa Koert Vermeulen Tomasz Rossa Tomasz Rossa

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 9

9 Electrical Power Station , Sparanise , Italy TOWARDS SLOW ARCHITECTURE Interview by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi An interview with Enrico Frigerio on the subject of light, colour and slow architecture at the Sparanise Power Station. The 70,000 square metres of the Sparanise Power Station occupy a surface area of 110,000 m2 (sic), in other words the area of twenty football fields. Yet, thanks to the design of both colour and light, this large industrial complex seems neither dull nor oppressive. Enrico Frigerio, the architect, who in the eighties was a colleague of the architect Renzo Piano,...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 10

10 DIALOGUE Client Calenia Energia S.p.a - EGL Architect Frigerio Design Group, Genoa, Italy Light sources Philips MASTERColour TL5 and LED Luminaires Philips TBS230, TCS398 and FCW 196, Pacific TCW 216, SPK100 high-bay with protection glass, Philips Tempo 3 floodlight and TrafficVision SGS305/306 “The job was derived from a challenge we put to our client, EGL. At that time we were constructing an office building and we asked them: ‘Why not prove that it is also possible to produce large industrial complexes, such as a power station, with a different, more sustainable attitude?’ They liked...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 11

11 Enrico Cano Enrico Cano

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 12

ROGIER VAN DER HEIDE Architectural Lighting Designer / Director of ARUP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Interview by Jonathan Ellis Rogier van der Heide, head of Arup’s global lighting division and director of the company’s Amsterdam branch, thrives on collaboration. In this interview for Luminous he discusses collaboration, the complexity of lighting, and the challenges for the lighting industry. Rogier van der Heide established his reputation as lighting designer with his own studio in Amsterdam. Later, this was merged with Arup and van der Heide was appointed head of the company’s global...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 13

I work with a team of 50 designers, and the ability to allocate creative resources to a project – to study, say, the specific requirements for lighting a reception area or a conference room – means that every project can be worked out in far greater detail than is generally the case. Of course, this is what our clients expect. We strive to work at the very highest level - our projects demonstrate this - and this is where quality is most demanded and best appreciated. “ Van der Heide believes that collaboration is the key to success. “Lighting used to be an after-thought. Architects would...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 14

GENERALI OFFICE BUILDING, PARIS, FRANCE Generali wanted in there 1800 m2 office building to create a user-friendly environment while at the same time making use of the most advanced solutions available today but with an eye on operating and maintenance costs. The architect Anthony Béchu was to design “an innovative window in the world of lighting”. The result: the world’s first office building lit entirely by LEDs. A comfortable working environment with all lighting concealed from view. Throughout the office spaces the lighting is realised through 422 luminaires integrated in a false...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 2 - 15

MERCEDES BENZ SHOWROOM, UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS Mercedes Benz wanted to change the signage on their façade due to internal changes. When the first signage was mounted there was less vegetation. This moment created the opportunity to put the signage higher up on the façade to improve the visibility from the two motorways which are located on both sides of the building. The light advertising company advised to use medium Power LED lines which are far more energy efficient compared to Neon. Client Mercedes Benz Netherlands Architect A.S. van Tilburg Capelle a/d IJssel, The Netherlands...

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