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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 1

International Lighting Magazine 2008/1 June GRID STIFLES IMAGINATION MARTIN LUPTON (BDP) Talking trends in Lighting design LAS PALMAS Creating a landmark

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 2

Editorial With pride I would like to introduce you to the very first edition of Luminous, a new magazine published by Philips Lighting, concentrating on the world of architectural lighting. The world of lighting – whether you participate in that world as architect, lighting designer, or manufacturer – is about to move into a new era. We are together facing enormous and exciting challenges and opportunities. Lighting is no longer simply a means of illumination; instead, it is used to enrich people’s lives, to brighten the mood, enhance emotions, increase productivity, give a sense of pride...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 3

3 DIALOGUE Challenges in Lighting design LIGHT SOURCE Piazza San Magno, Legnano, Italy PLATFORM Martin Lupton, London, United Kingdom SUSTAINABILITY Las Palmas building, Rotterdam, The Netherlands SNAPSHOT PUB Department Store Stadium XXL Bugatti Showroom HSH Nordbank Tour Exaltis National Tourism Blvd. DOSSIER Architectural Grid INTRODUCTION Grid stifles imagination? PROJECT REPORT Science and Culture Art Center, Suzhou, China PROJECT REPORT Westraven Office Complex, Utrecht, The Netherlands PROJECT REPORT The Luxembourg Philharmonie, Luxembourg Perceptions The Grid: A tool for design...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 4

4 DIALOGUE Massimiliano Negri

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 5

“The inspiration for lighting the Piazza San Magno,” lighting designer Jacopo Acciaro told Luminous, “was born in living spaces, along the streets, even standing alone in special places. For me it was critical to capture and exploit with light all the different architectures, paths and open spaces that make the square so unique. My intent was to express, through the lighting project, all the architectural elements present in the area, thus creating a lively and pleasant feeling containing clear-rich shadow and different shades of light.” “For me, one of the factors that has helped create a...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 6

William Landell Mills: How does lighting get articulated in a project? We try to base everything we do on a strong conceptual foundation. I believe in going through the concept process to arrive at a solution rather than just instantly walking in and saying right this is the best thing to do in this space. It is not about generating a list of kit and locations to put it in; it’s about generating a reason for the kit being in a certain place and doing a certain thing. I think if you look at the work we do, our foundation, you will see that we’re trying to make projects, excuse the cliché:...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 7

those things are so easy to plug into a DVD player and play adverts on. There is little intellectual content or justification for having them; the majority will just be advertising panels. It’s like that at the moment: if you go to a public square in Japan you’ll have three or four. Every square is like Piccadilly Circus! JvdP: Do you think that is the way of the future or do you think it’s maybe too much? Surely the planners have something to say about it. They do have something to say about it yes. I just think it is happening so quickly at the moment because the technology is new and...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 8

Las Palmas – rOTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS creating a landmark Interview by Jonathan Ellis An interview with Marten Wassmann about the challenges he faced when redeveloping the Las Palmas building in Rotterdam. As you approach the redeveloped Las Palmas building at night, you are immediately struck by the ring of light – created by a chain of LED lights measuring 160 metres – which emphasises a modern structure on top of the original building that dates from the fifties. “Las Palmas is a symbol to many people in Rotterdam”, explained Marten Wassmann of Benthem Crouwel Architects.” It was built...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 10

Client OVG Projectontwikkeling Architect Benthem en Crouwel; Marten Wassman Lighting Consultancy Wibeke Polle,Philips Installer Inteco / C2N / ETB VOS Light sources Philips TL5 and LED Luminaires Philips Ledline2, Origami, Fugato, TBS and Inteco 10 DIALOGUE “Another possibility we were able to incorporate was a parking deck under the penthouse. The car fleet of OVG consists of 14 Mini Coopers, and these now reach the parking deck in a converted goods lift from the cellar. I understand OVG is now planning to allow visitors to use the lift and deck. During the ascent – which takes a minute...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 12

Mikael Silkeberg 12 DIALOGUE PUB - Department Store , Stoc kholm, Sweden The project was to re-design PUB, the oldest department store in Sweden. Formerly a rather anonymous city galleria, PUB is changing into a modern department store focused on fashion for a young, urban, internationally orientated target group. Lighting plays a significant role in the project, balancing the historical roots with a modern, constantly changing content. The lighting design concept for the cupola aimed to emphasize its role as a natural centre point of the department store. The architectural design allowed...

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 13

Sören Håkanlind 13 Stadium XXL, Gothenburg , Sweden The new Stadium XXL is more than a store: it contains not only an exceptional range of sports products and brands, but also a sports café, a cycling station, putting green and a runner’s lab. The architect wanted comfortable retail lighting that would help create an interesting shopping environment and so a special fixture was developed and designed according to the demands of the customer. New techniques and fixtures with an appropriate design and light output were used to create a combination of well lit and tuned down retail areas....

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Luminous International Magazine No. 1 - 14

Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions 14 DIALOGUE Bugati Showroom , Düsseldorf, Germany The assignment was to turn factory Hall 29 into a showroom for fashion house Brinkman Gruppe where retailers could buy in their new collections while still retaining the building’s original industrial atmosphere. The enormous space breaths peace and openness. The architecture is largely implemented in light colours and much of the original metal has been left exposed. The floor, high panels and furniture, all made of the same materials, provide a contrast to the light colours. The lighting design...

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