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Inspiration & Information An overview of LED solutions and products

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3 Inspiration... This first section of this book is full of examples from around the world of the startling results that can be achieved with LED based lighting solutions. You will find everything from colored to white light solutions, simple, small-scale retail solutions to major initiatives that transform entire buildings and enliven the urban nightscape. Page 4 - 37 ... and information This is followed by detailed descriptions of the LED sources, luminaires and controls that enable such freedom and creativity in lighting. For each product, the specific characteristics and related...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 3

4 5 Architect: SWECO FFNS Lighting design: Stefan Wiktorsson, LjusDesign AB Lighting solutions: Svante Pettersson, Hans Kjellberg, Philips, Stockholm Delight in light While technological advancement is vital for the continuing success of LEDs, it is the relevance of this technology for our customers that dominates our thinking. That is why all of our innovations are driven by insights into the needs of end-users. Renovation We have identified four different areas where LEDs can make a significant contribution to meeting these needs: at their simplest level, LEDs are used to replace...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 4

6 7 Introduction Welcome to a new era in lighting LED technology has advanced at a remarkable pace in recent years. No longer confined to electronic devices such as mobile phones or watches, LED-based solutions are becoming ever more widespread. They improve the quality of people’s lives in retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, offices, domestic environments and in many different features of the urban landscape including public buildings, bridges, footpaths, market squares and facades. It’s hardly surprising LEDs are proving so popular. Compared with traditional non-solid-state lighting,...

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8 9 Andrew’s Ties store, Lima, Peru Light without heat in Peru LED-based spotlighting gives the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and practical performance at Andrew’s Ties Store in the Peruvian capital Lima. An old saying claims that ‘the clothes make the man’, but what is equally important these days is that ‘the lighting makes the clothes’. This is certainly the case at Andrew’s Ties Store, an upmarket man’s fashion boutique situated in the shopping mall at the Larcomar tourist and entertainment centre in Lima, Peru. The lighting used to give extra accent to the ties, shirts and...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 6

10 11 The Octavio Frias de Oliviera bridge, São Paulo, Brazil Ever-changing views in São Paulo The Octavio Frias de Oliviera suspension bridge in São Paulo, Brazil, was opened to the public on the 10th of May 2008. It spans the Pinheiros River, linking the districts of Brooklin and Real Parque. As well as alleviating traffic congestion in the city – around 5000 vehicles per hour cross the bridge each way at peak times – the impressive 130-m-tall structure is rapidly turning into a popular tourist attraction in its own right. Lighting requirements included the capacity to project a dynamic...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 7

12 13 Heineken brand store, Amsterdam, the Netherlands LED solution empowers the experience LED solutions are being used throughout the recently-opened Heineken ‘Experience Store’ in Amsterdam. “We chose LED lighting because it offers fantastic new possibilities and complements the look and feel we are trying to achieve,” says store manager Marc van der Mijn. “But, above all, we wanted the end result to be attractive.” The super-modern store reflects a seamless interaction between architecture and technology in which the lighting in places plays the starring, and in others a supporting,...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 8

14 15 National Theatre, London, UK Taking centre stage Since the opening performance of Hamlet in 1963, the National Theatre has become an iconic building in a magical location. Now LEDs paint the Grade 2 landmark on the south bank of the Thames in an endless palette of colors, creating a spectacular and welcoming aura. And it’s not just about heightening the impact of the facade. A new video wall installation on the roof displays crystal clear messages using a full-color LED panel. Meanwhile low-energy, high-efficiency fittings will be used inside the building, in workshops, rehearsal...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 9

16 17 Odeon / Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, Munich, Germany Turning on the style at the Odeon The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, housed in the stunningly renovated interior of the 19th century Munich Odeon, has undergone a facelift that includes the introduction of dynamic LED lighting. The project presented a number of challenges. The lighting should not be too ‘loud’ and intrusive; this is, after all, a classical building originally commissioned as a concert hall by King Ludwig I. A range of different color concepts should be available. And both installation and maintenance costs...

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LED brochure: Inspiration and Infomation - 10

18 19 The Suzhou Science and Culture Art Center, Suzhou, China A colorful skin The newest building in the 2500 year old city of Suzhou, China, is the Science and Culture Art Center. The metal mesh which forms the façade of the building is what gives it its unique identity. “The lighting design was included at the concept stage and we concentrated very much on the final lighting effect,” says architect Cui ZhongFang of the East China Architectural Design & Research Institute. Mrs Peipei Jin, local cooperation designer for the Suzhou Science and Culture Art Center, explains the approach to...

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20 21 Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora hotel, Tenerife, Canary Islands Room for light The Sol Meliá hotel chain, with 85.000 rooms in 30 countries, is Europe’s third largest. As part of the group’s SAVE initiative to minimize its environmental impact, energy-efficient lighting solutions were investigated. The challenge for the chain’s newest hotel, the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora in Tenerife (which opened in July 2008) was to find alternatives for conventional halogen lamps in the bedrooms. LEDs gave the ideal solution; requiring only 12 W of power to produce the same illumination as 35 W...

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