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Jargeau LED gen3 BSP651 LW LED50/830 II DM50 PCC BALL CT Jargeau LED gen3 - LED module 5000 lm - 830 warm white Safety class II - Distribution medium 50 - Polycarbonate bowl/ cover clear - Black - Suspension set simple, standard Jargeau LED gen3 combines the symbolic features of the first four-sided street lamps of the 19th century with the technical performance of 21st century luminaires. It incorporates the energy-efficient LEDGINE - O engine with high-performance optics, while at the same time retaining the character of the original four-sided fixture. Designed for installation at heights of 4-6 metres, this luminaire is well suited to urban landscapes and ideal for illuminating city centres, historical areas, old villages, streets, alleys, squares and parks. Thanks to the built-in Philips Ledgine optimised LED platform, and the wide range of available application-tailored optics, Jargeau LED gen3 delivers the right amount light and in the right direction on your street, enabling further energy savings. The luminaire comes with one or two Philips SR (System Ready) sockets, which makes the luminaire future-ready. What this means is that Jargeau LED gen3 is ready to be paired with both standalone and advanced control and lighting software applications such as Interact City from Signify. Next to this, each individual luminaire is uniquely identifiable, thanks to the Philips Service tag application. With a simple scan of a QR code, placed on the inside of the mast door or directly on the luminaire, you gain instant access to the luminaire configuration, making maintenance and programming operations faster and easier, and enabling you to create your digital library of lighting assets and spare parts. Jargeau LED gen3 can also be equipped with our dedicated light recipe that preserves a dark night sky. Product data General Information Lamp family code Light source colour LED50 [ LED module 5000 lm] Light source replaceable data subject to change

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Number of gear units Mounting device SMS [ Suspension set simple, standard] Driver/power unit/transformer PSU [ Power supply unit] Optical cover/lens shape Driver included Optical cover/lens finish Optical cover/lens type PCC [ Polycarbonate bowl/cover clear] Overall length Luminaire light beam spread Overall width Plug-in connector 2-pole Wieland/Adels Overall height Effective projected area Dimensions (height x width x depth) Flammability mark ENEC mark ENEC mark Ingress protection code IP66 [ Dust penetration-protected, jet-proof] Warranty period Mech. impact protection code Optic type...

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