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Hospitality Feel what light can do for your guests

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Koepelkerk, Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam, the Netherlands Installation done by LivingProjects Feel what light can do for your guests Lighting energises us, makes us comfortable and allows us to enjoy interacting with others. Philips provides flexible lighting solutions that empower guests to personalise their spaces, adjust environments according to moods or activities and create a unique experience at the touch of a button. Whether they’re working, reading or relaxing, we can help your guests feel like they have a home away from home. We can help you make the switch to LED easier than you...

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Feel at home in your hotel First impressions It is vitally important to make your hotel stand out, it should be distinctive and give guests a memorable experience so they come back and recommend it to other people. When guests first set foot in a hotel they briefly have a look around. Good lighting helps to make their first impression positive - focusing their attention on the reception desk and interesting objects around the hotel entrance to make them feel welcome. The lighting also operates as a virtual but silent hotel guide. Make your guests feel guided in the right directions and...

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Energy saving The Hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest energy savings potential. Laundry, air conditioning, 24/7 operations - all add to a high CO2 footprint. Lighting is one of the most impactful ways to cut costs; 42% of energy usage comes from lighting, of which 70% is inefficient. We have developed a full range of lighting solutions that will help you save costs and improve your bottom line without compromising on the quality of light. Feel responsible Meaningful solutions LED technology holds tremendous potential to conserve energy on a global scale. Our LED...

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Hospitality content overview Our hospitality products can add value in many different ways throughout your hotel. In guest rooms and public areas, indoors and outdoors. 04. Bars, restaurants and lounges On the following pages you will find examples for seven typical areas of a hotel. The products shown are only a small selection of what is available for that particular application. 06. onference and meeting C areas 02. orridors and other areas of C transition 07. utdoor areas O 03. uest rooms and suites G

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Feel welcome Reception and lobbies First impressions count. Here’s the perfect opportunity to create a great first impression with a welcoming ambience, fused with a hint of excitement and professionalism, -at the entrance to your hotel. Lighting can enhance this dynamic and often busy area where people come together, get information and interact. As the day evolves into evening and night, lighting creates the right atmosphere for the changing needs and expectations of your guests. The best lighting effects in a reception or lobby can be achieved by using LED lamps, LED luminaires and the...

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The Westin Palace Brilliant savings by replacing 11,800 light bulbs in the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. Madrid, Spain Architect: Arjan van den Bliek Product solution: Novallure LED candle New solution, example Novallure LED candle Number of lamps Energy saving CO2 reduction (kg) over lifetime 11,800 741 804 Kwh per year which represents 7.9% of 2008 total consumption 318,975 k (equivalent of 15949 trees) Savings on electricity bill Return on investment

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Marriott Hotel A mixture of the latest energy-efficient LED products creates a completely new look and feel for the Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam Amsterdam, the Netherlands General manager: Ronny A. Maier Architect: Raum concept Munich Product solution: LuxSpace, Spot LED III, Zadora with MASTER LEDspot MV GU10 “We are really looking forward to continuing our relationship with Philips. They have proven to be extremely innovative and a valuable partner in enhancing our technology and guest experience while lowering our costs and caring for the environment.” Ronny A. Maier, General Manager...

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Corridors and other areas of transition A friendly guide throughout transition areas, lighting can help you to create a bright atmosphere in building spaces with little or no natural daylight. Lighting solutions in ceilings and walls will guide your guests to their rooms and promote a feeling of safety for people finding emergency exits or staircases. Energy efficient and sustainable lighting, including smart controls, are key enablers for a green and cost-effective solution in any environment that must be operational 24/7. Some guests find long corridors disorientating and claustrophobic....

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save up to Moran Bewley’s Hotel Moran Bewley’s Hotels switched to Philips MASTER LEDlamps and achieved an impressive 80% energy saving. Dublin, Ireland Product solution: MASTER LEDspot GU10 “Running a hotel is a round the clock operation. Because it is 24/7, it is hardly surprising that electricity costs are high but equally we realised that this offers the most scope by switching to sustainable solutions. We were keen to adopt the MASTER LEDlamps as we felt they would make a major contribution to our objective with a fast return on investment but at the same time still provide a great...

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Hilton Hotel Hilton Amsterdam achieves significant energy and cost savings with 7W MASTER LED. Amsterdam, the Netherlands Technical Service Manager: Nick Lakeman Product solution: MASTER LEDspot “The long service life and energy savings delivered by the MASTER LED were precisely what we were looking for. And because the lights give off less heat, rooms require less cooling, so there’s the potential to make even more savings there. It’s a real win-win situation.” Reference situation 35 W halogen Burning hours (per year) kWh/year Service lifetime New solution, example 7 W MASTER LED Energy...

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Feel comfortable Guest rooms and suites Personal comfort and ambience should always be your top priorities. Guests have their own individual needs and expectations of what their hotel stay will be like. Whether they’re business travellers, city hoppers or guests who want relaxation and pleasure, your hotel rooms should always offer them maximum comfort. Functional lighting during the day will also enable cleaning staff to do their job effectively. Lighting sets the atmosphere for individual moods and needs, while still being flexible whatever the time of day. Innovations in LED lighting...

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