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Green Warehouse - 1

Smarter warehouse lighting A flexible and intelligent energy saving system

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Green Warehouse - 2

Lidl Distribution Centre, Heerenveen, the Netherlands A perfect package for warehouses High bay used to mean high cost – with lighting installation and maintenance proving expensive and disruptive, and lighting controls only adding complexity. Not any more. Simple and worry free Our GreenWarehouse system offers you one simple, bundled solution that contains three types of dimmable LED luminaires and wireless controls, suitable for your warehouse, whatever its size. Our innovative system is perfect for both open spaces and racking and because it’s wireless, it’s easy to configure into zones...

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Green Warehouse - 3

Warehouse lighting has evolved Brighter spaces, smart zones You don’t need all your space lit all the time, as it’s unnecessarily wasteful and costly. This is where presence detection and smart zoning comes in – giving you the flexibility to set lighting at a comfortable, dimmed background level, which then automatically switches to 100% when movement is detected. Daylight harvesting can also be used to save up to an additional 20% in energy – the sensors in the luminaires adjusting the dimming automatically, based on ambient light levels. Reduced maintenance The LED luminaires used in our...

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Green Warehouse - 4

State-of-the-art LED LED has come of age. As it’s dimmable it can be combined with controls and presence detection and its full potential harnessed. By configuring lighting into zones this further reduces energy and costs. Simple and cost effective We’ve bundled everything you need together to make it more cost effective to purchase a system than separate components. Add to that the simplicity of having everything worked out in one package that’s simple to order and install and you have the perfect recipe for a cost-effective retrofit or new high bay installation with a ceiling height of up...

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Green Warehouse - 5

Smart zones Wireless technology has changed the game. Now you can configure your luminaires into zones in whatever way makes best sense and reconfigure them via remote control if future plans mean your layout needs to change – all possible with minimum fuss and without the need for expensive rewiring. Zoning examples Racking / open space Open space Zone at 100% light due to presence Zone at background level due to no presence One smart bundle We have created one package consisting of three different types of luminaire – GentleSpace for general open space lighting and Maxos LED and Pacific...

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Green Warehouse - 6

Savings explained The graphs below show the cost savings possible over 10 years (up to €220,000), by comparing the installation and running costs of our GreenWarehouse system with a traditional fluorescent solution and LED lighting installed without dimming controls. Our cost of ownership calculation is based on a warehouse area of 10,000m2. Our GreenWarehouse system gives a three year payback on investment compared with a conventional solution and a one year payback compared to an LED solution without controls. €220,000 savings can be made over a 10 year period. Total cost of ownership...

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Green Warehouse - 7

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