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Fashion Feel what light can do for your customers

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Philipp Plein store Vienna, Austria Architect: Stefan Mauritz, Mauritz Design Feel what light can do for your store Lighting energises us, makes us comfortable and allows us to enjoy interacting with others. Philips provides flexible lighting solutions that enable you to adjust environments to suit each mood or activity, personalising spaces and creating a unique experience at the touch of a button. We can help you make the switch to LED easier than you could possibly imagine, enhancing life in your store with the power of light.

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Lacoste Multiple US locations Lighting design: David Apfel Attract people Dynamic lighting has the power to attract people. It can give your store real stopping power by distinguishing your façade, creating irresistible window displays and bringing your brand to life. Light can support your marketing activities/ POS promotions and run them effectively. At the touch of a button you can change your store environment. Feel excited Today, retail success depends on creating a relaxing environment in which Make them stay Once inside, a comfortable, exciting ambience will make people enjoy the...

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Think global Philips is the market leader in energy-efficient lighting solutions with manufacturing facilities all over the world. Our global supply chain means that we can support your roll-out across countries and continents with solutions that reinforce your store’s unique identity. Together with you we can define and plan the complete logistics process from concept to completion. Act local With employees in more than 60 countries worldwide you’ll find our support reassuring on a local level too. Philips Representatives are always available to offer help and advice to support local...

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Sustainability In retail, 50% of the energy bill is lighting related, 70% of which is inefficient. Investing in lighting is one of the easiest ways to cut costs and impact. So we’ve developed a full range of lighting solutions that are socially responsible, technologically advanced and pleasing to the eye. Helping you to sustain your company and the environment. Feel responsible Making your store stand out doesn't mean you have to compromise on the environment. Feel in control Our lighting controls take retail energy saving to new levels. Complete control solutions with presence detection,...

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Fashion content overview Our fashion retail solutions can add value in many different ways throughout your store. At the counter, on the sales floor or in the changing rooms. On the following pages you will find total solutions for seven typical areas of a retail store. The products shown are only a small selection of what is available for that particular application. 04. Counter & cashier’s desk 01. Façade & shop window \\ 07

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Vroom & Dreesmann store Amsterdam, the Netherlands Create attraction From the moment customers walk past your store you can create interest and attraction with coloured light, dynamic scene setting and intelligent controls. ArcTone gives you the perfect accent lighting in crisp, sparkling and warm white light. It renders colours beautifully, helping your merchandise to stand out even more. Feel attraction ColorBlast is designed to turn heads with rich, saturated colours and colour-changing effects. The perfect way to set the scene for every new season or look and draw attention to your...

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Vegas Mall The Vegas super mall is one of the world’s largest retail sites. Its centrepiece is a recreation of Tokyo’s famous Ginza shopping street with its pulsating, vibrant atmosphere. The ambitious concept was brought to life using an array of LED lighting solutions to create an exciting, dynamic ambience with changing colours and light effects. The light show now gives a dazzling performance that entertains and amazes shoppers, bringing a taste of Tokyo to Russia’s first themed mall. “Vegas turns shopping into an exciting adventure attended with mystery and change.” Emin Agalarov,...

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Zara This Spanish fashion chain wanted to create a modern, dynamic image to attract more shoppers to their flagship store and show dynamic content on their 2 LED displays. Each screen catches the eye of pedestrians passing by Zara’s store in the main shopping street in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Videos and pictures showing the latest collections can be sent straight from Zara’s Headquarters in Spain and are shown instantly on the screens. Whether products are “On Sale” or “New arrivals”, the digital screens can be used to focus the attention of the shopper towards any event in the store,...

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Galeries Lafayette Galeries Lafayette is a beautiful 10-storey building with wonderful architecture and a decorative glass dome. The store welcomes customers with a serene and harmonious atmosphere that emphases luxury. Together with interior designer Bruno Moinard, French lighting designer Yann Kersale has created an undulating, luminous sky of white clouds in which light and shade interplay with each other. The porcelain conch shells contain two eW Cove QLX Powercore light fittings in warm and cool white light. Each conch shell consumes just 9W to generate the stunning lighting effect...

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Noble Place Gdynia, Poland Show your true colours Our lighting solutions enable you to show off your merchandise like never before. For example, Elite lamps provide a crisp white sparkling light that makes everything look irresistibly beautiful, season after season. Clothes take on a new vibrancy, furniture and accessories shine and jewellery is displayed at its most dazzling. Projectors like ArcTone enable you to create powerful lighting accents to accentuate goods. And because they use Elite lamps with a superb colour rendering index of 90, you can bring out the true colours of the...

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Gosia Baczyńska’s Atelier Well-selected lighting can create a dramatic shopping experience. Gosia Baczyńska chose Philips solutions to put the merchandise in her new studio boutique in the spotlight. The whole boutique is lit with first class LEDs and ArcTone with Elite lamps to showcase the colour, shades, tones and texture of the fabrics. They also show off the designer’s taste by highlighting décor features such as the ornate staircase and grand chandelier. A glamorous transformation that also saves precious energy. Warsaw, Poland Product solutions: ArcTone, MASTERColour CDM-Tc Elite,...

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