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ErP in the Spotlight - 1

ErP in the spotlight Stage 3 of the Energy related Product legislation (EC245/2009) starts April 12th 2017 and requires all inefficient light sources to be phased out. As the legislation reaches its third stage, a number of popular HID lighting types will be affected.

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ErP in the Spotlight - 2

All impacted lamps are being upgraded to comply Below lamps are impacted by the third stage of the ErP legislation. We have 1-1 retrofits available that offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for the impacted lamps. Detailed information on the upgrades can be found in the product table. For further details on the new portfolio, please visit Quartz Metal Halide lamps Ceramic Metal Halide lamps HPI-T Plus - Impacted - Upgrade now to CDM-T MW eco HPI Plus - Impacted - Upgrade now to CDM-E MW eco HPI-T - Exempted - All our lamps comply MHN - Exempted -...

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ErP in the Spotlight - 3

Material code Ordering code Product name Upgrade MASTER HPI-T Plus Material code Ordering code (EOC) 8718696 MASTER HPI-T Plus 250W/645 E40 1SL/12 MASTER HPI-T Plus 400W/645 E40 1SL/12 MASTER HPI Plus 250W/645 MASTERColour CDM-EP MW eco 230W/840 928495309891 73479700 MASTER HPI Plus 250W/645 MASTERColour CDM-E MW eco 230W/842 BU E401SL/12 E40 1SL/12 928070419830 59664700 MASTER HPI Plus 250W/667 MASTERColour CDM-E MW eco 230W/842 BU E401SL/12 E401SL/12* 928070419830 59664700 MASTER HPI Plus 400W/645 Best alternative: MASTERColour CDM-EP MW BUS-P E40 1SL/6 eco...

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ErP in the Spotlight - 4

All impacted drivers are upgraded to comply After April 2017, all electromagnetic MK4 and the majority of Heavy Duty ballasts with Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) A3 will be banned for sales within the EU. This regards both initial installs and replacements. However, the upcoming legislation will not affect the BSX ballast range for SOX lamps and only a few metal halide ballasts below 400W. We have developed alternative ballasts with EEI A2 to replace all non-compliant products. These alternative ballasts will fully comply with the new Commission Regulation (EC) No 245/2009. The new mHID A2...

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ErP in the Spotlight - 5

Actual portfolio valid for Q2 2017

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ErP in the Spotlight - 6

TrueForce Industrial and Retail 250W available from May 2017 and 400W available from Q3, 2017

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ErP in the Spotlight - 7

CoreLine high-bay An upgrade for 250 W and 400 W conventional HPI high-bays Wattage Lifetime Save Luminous Color Temp. CRI Product description EOC CoreLine high-bay CoreLine tempo large (IP66/IK08) An upgrade for floodlights with conventional HID lamps of up to 400 W CoreLine Wattage Efficiency Save Luminous Lifetime Optic type Color Temp. Product description EOC tempo large (+/-11%) up to Flux (+/- 7%) (LOR 0,88) code Other models available in the CoreLine tempo range: BVP110: 4.2 klm system flux (CoreLine tempo small) & BVP130: 8 / 12 klm system flux. An...

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