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CorePro LED-PLC - 1

Downsize your downlighting costs with LED PLC The first retrofit LED PLC lamp designed to increase efficiency and downsize your costs.

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CorePro LED-PLC - 2

The first quality branded LED retrofit for conventional downlights Philips CorePro LED PLC is the ideal uplamping solution for downlights in a wide range of general lighting applications. It integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor to offer superb energy savings over a lifetime that’s twice as long as fluorescent alternatives. So you can upgrade your lighting at the same time as downsizing costs. Save on energy CorePro LED PLC lamps use significantly less energy, which means they’re up to 60% more efficient than fluorescent alternatives. LED downlights that...

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CorePro LED-PLC - 3

quality brand LED PLC retrofit Key benefits Energy efficient • 60% more energy efficient than fluorescent PLC lamps • Efficiency up to 111 lm/W Long lasting & robust • 30,000 hours lifetime reduces maintenance costs • Shatter-proof plastic, not glass Simple lamp-for-lamp replacement • NEW PLC 13W replacement plus PLC 18W and PLC 26W alternatives • Re-using the existing fixture without major modifications, using a similar PLC form-factor High quality of light • Instant 100% light • Rotating end-caps • Choice of 3000 K and 4000 K • No flickering or strobing Existing downlights CorePro LED PLC...

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CorePro LED-PLC - 4

A simple, retrofit solution CorePro LED PLC lamps are simple to install and require no building or modification work because they use a similar PLC form-factor. Designed to fit neatly into existing fixtures, the range includes both 2-pin (EM) and 4-pin (HF) lamps options. The 2-pin lamps are compatible with all eletromagnetic ballasts, while the 4-pin lamps work with high frequence ballasts. A simple retrofit solution for 13, 18 and 26W fluorescent PLC lamps. Downsize your TCO in downlights Light where you need it most The rotating end-cap feature makes it easy to direct light to precisely...

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CorePro LED-PLC - 5

Product type BEAM ANGLE

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CorePro LED-PLC - 6

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