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TubePoint GEN2 – Luminaire range for traffic tunnels TubePoint gen2 Many tunnel authorities have an outdated tunnel-lighting installation that urgently needs to be replaced, but have only limited budget available. We are able to fulfil their requirements. TubePoint GEN2 is the result of years of experience in tunnel lighting combined with the latest technologies developed by Philips. With its modular design and modern LED architecture, TubePoint GEN2 is a versatile, costeffective luminaire that meets the most stringent tunnel-lighting requirements. It is made of highest-quality components that are dedicated for tunnels, thus ensuring a long lifetime, good performance and low maintenance costs. The efficiency and wide choice of optics means that the number of luminaires can be reduced significantly compared with a conventional solution. And a high lumen per watt ratio at system level improves the total cost of ownership. TubePoint GEN2 is part of Philips’ TotalTunnel solution for a complete tunnel lighting. Benefits • Flexible mounting solution, quick release for easy maintenance • Easy-connect, a wide range of connectivity options • Excellent quality optics, longer distance between luminaires • Fast payback • Equipped with a service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information Product family leaflet, 2020, November 25 data subjec

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Features • Direct replacement of existing conventional luminaires (Lumen packages exceeding SON-T 400 W) • Flexibility in application thanks to a range of lumen outputs and tunnel optics • Compatible with Philips’ tunnel controls and options for third-party controls • Option of remote driver for quick and easy maintenance • Wide choice of mounting systems Application • Traffic tunnels and underpasses Product family leaflet, 2020, November 25 data subjec

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Product family leaflet, 2020, November 25 data subject to change

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General Information Application Conditions Maximum dim level Mech. impact protection code Luminaire surge light sources Family Code Surge Protection (Common/ Lamp family Order Code Full Product Name protection level up to 6 kV differential mode and 6 kV common mode Controls and Dimming Dimmable General Information Luminaire light beam spread Light source colour Optical cover/lens type Driver included Flammability mark Light source replaceable Optic type Distribution symmetrical medium 11 Initial Performance (IEC Compliant) Init. Corr. Colour Temperature Init. Colour Rendering Index Light...

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