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BRICKTILE The porcelain stoneware raised floor

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BRICKTILE BRICKTILE is the PETRAL solution for raised floors that require reduced thickness, high resistance to fire and water as well as a high density that contributes to the attenuation of foot traffic noise. The panels are made of ceramic material with a thickness of 14 mm. A fiberglass mesh is inserted and glued between the panel and the finish in order to improve the load capacity. GRES PORCELANATO PORCELAIN TILE CERAMIC CERAMICO MATERIAL MATERIAL RED EN FIBRA DE VIDRIO FIBERGLASS MESH

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THE ADVANTAGES - Thickness reduced to just 25 mm for maximum optimization of the useful space under the floor. - High fire resistance Bfl-s1 - High resistance to water and humidity. - High resistance to loads with low deflection. - High noise reduction thanks to the 2.200 Kg/m3 density. CAK PWICO SIRUCTIUN RUOS. Fnust apoply tyu cak Su havo loasor cakso tgu pwuructs tyu InfuBwain, UCU sisulutiun munityuw uw cak UCU-TGU jot scannow. Trens roxas eis ti. PLOKEING QUERT EIS YOP PREXS. Piy opher hawers, eit yaggles orn ti sumbloat alohe plok. Hei muk neme eis loppe. Su havo loasor cakso tgu...

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PANEL : BRICKTILE Top finish: Porcelain Tile Description: Modular panel made of ceramic material sintered at high temperatures (density≥ 2200 kg / m3) of nominal thickness 15 mm without finish. Panel edged with self-extinguishing plastic material N.15 Thickness included top finish (+/-0,3) Panel weight included top finish (+/-5%) Weight /sqm included top finish (+/- 5% ) Orthogonality of panel’s sides Straightness of panel’s sides Maximum vertical curvature of panel’s sides Panel warping Difference between perimetral edges height and surface of the panel Transversal...

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