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modern plank glue 1515 x 217 mm click 1510 x 210 mm 4-way bevel GREY RIVER OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40084 NORDIC WHITE PINE, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40072 DARK RIVER OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40086 LIGHT WASHED OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40079 BLACK CITY OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40091 BEIGE WASHED OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40080 GREY WASHED OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40082 LIGHT VILLAGE OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40095 NATURAL VILLAGE OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3231-40096 optimum Very durable floors for use in commercial applications » Class 33 premium Durable...

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wallbases NORDIC WHITE OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3201-40020 LIGHT NATURE OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■    V3201-40021 GOLDEN NATURE OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■ V3201-40022 CLASSIC NATURE OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■ V3201-40023 SOFT GREY OAK, PLANK GLUE    ■ V3201-40036 Wallbase PGVSKRA(-), 2000 x 9 x 48 mm, for Classic Planks and Tiles PGVSKRB(-), 2000 x 9 x 55 mm, for Modern Planks (see matching matrix for correct art no) New! Waterproof skirting board to hide expansion joints and protect walls. Perfect match to the floor in colour, structure and gloss. Colour: colour matched. Surface: extremely wear resistant...

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aluminium mouldings, commercial Expansion profile Adapter profile Glue trowel Ensures perfect glue consumption per m . For a beautiful finish. Available in 8 colours. Water based acrylic. Suitable for all materials and substrates. Cures quickly with very high final strength. Ideal for installing wallbases and mouldings. Hybrid polymer. One tube gives 15 running meters of skirting. Radiator caps Aqua Sealant PGRCINOX15 Inner diameter: 15 mm. Outer diameter: 54 mm. PGRCINOX22 Inner diameter: 22 mm. Outer diameter: 54 mm. Stainless steel. 2 pc / pack. A high-quality, transparent and elastic...

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technical guide Wallbase Wallbase Sealant optimum length (mm) width (mm) thickness (mm) panels/pack m2/pack    kg/pack pack/pallet m2/pallet GLUE V3231-xxxxx modern plank, 4V V3201-xxxxx classic plank, 4V V3218-xxxxx tile, 4V CLICK V3131-xxxxx modern plank, 4V V3107-xxxxx classic plank, 4V V3120-xxxxx tile, 4V quality, sustainability and environment premium length (mm) width (mm) thickness (mm) panels/pack m2/pack    kg/pack pack/pallet m2/pallet The U-symbol shows that the product fulfil the strong German regulation on VOC emissions for indoor use (Z-156.603.1573). This symbol shows that...

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aesthetics Piece    Pack    Pallet    Ordering Unit Wallbases    Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Qty/Pc Pc/pack Qty/pack PC/pallet Qty/pallet PGVSKRA(-)    Wallbase classic planks, tiles underlays Piece    Box    Pallet    Ordering Unit Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Qty/Pc Pc/box Qty/box    PC/pallet Qty/pallet installation Piece Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Qty/Pc Pack Pc/pack Qty/pack Pallet    Ordering Unit PC/pallet Qty/pallet maintenance Piece    Pack    Pallet    Ordering Unit Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Qty/Pc Pc/pack Qty/pack PC/pallet Qty/pallet PGVCLEANING1000    Vinyl...

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Pergo is a quality product produced by bvba, division flooring, Ooigemstraat 3, 8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium.

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