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Technical Data Sheet MULTIGLUE Product description Pergo® MULTIGLUE is a high-quality glue suitable for all materials and sub-surfaces. The glue was developed using the MS Polymer technique. This extra-strong glue is the ideal solution for attaching Pergo® accessories, so there's no need for nails or screws. Content: 290ML/ Net 9.8 fl.oz. Packing unit: 12 Applications Pergo® MULTIGLUE is a ready-to-use adhesive which is suitable for practically all materials and subsurfaces: wood, MDF, aluminium, most plastics, concrete, glass, stone and masonry, screed, steel, aluminium, zinc, iron, polystyrene, polyurethane, chipboard, plaster, cork, glass wool, ceramics, porcelain (with the exception of untreated polyethylene (PE), untreated polypropylene (PP) and Teflon). This glue has a high filling capacity and can be used to level out minor unevenness in the sub-surface. In addition, the glue hardens with the help of the humidity in the air, which ensures excellent bonding on both porous and non-porous materials. In other words, Pergo® Multiglue is the ideal solution for easily attaching: Skirting boards to the wall (there's no need for nails or screws) The rail of the 5-in-1 moulding to the sub-surface (see installation instructions for the Incizo profile) The stair profile (see instructions for the stair profile) Characteristics Wood is the most important raw material used for your Pergo® floor. Wood expands and contracts when it is subject to temperature variations. Once it has hardened, Pergo® Multiglue continues to stick under all possible conditions, thanks to its excellent characteristics: Very high initial bond strength Pergo® Multiglue is characterised by very high bond strength, which means that no support is necessary when gluing. Permanent elasticity Pergo® gives you a lifetime warranty on the elasticity of the product (see the Pergo warranty conditions). Suitable for materials under pressure Pergo® Multiglue easily withstands all stresses and vibrations and absorbs the movement of glued materials. Very high final strength Hardens quickly Capable of supporting a light load after 1 hour, and can be walked on after 24 hours. Resistant to all weather influences Pergo® Multiglue is extremely resistant to weather conditions and UV rays. The glue easily withstands temperature variations between -40°C and +90°C/-40°F and 194°F. Pergo® is a quality product distributed by Unilin BVBA, division flooring. Belgium. Ooigemstraat 3, B-8710 Wielsbeke, Tel.: +32 (0)56-67.52.20

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Technical Data Sheet MULTIGLUE Filling power Paintable Pergo® Multiglue dries fast and can be painted with practically all water-based latex and acrylic paints (alkyd resin paints may sometimes cause drying problems, and it is recommended to perform some tests first). Solvent-free and very safe to use User-friendly The product is tack-free. The glue comes out of the tube easily, even in cold conditions. In addition, the glue does not cause any stains when used in combination with Pergo® and the glue is practically odour-free. Can be used on damp sub-surfaces Note: this glue is not suited...

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Technical Data Sheet MULTIGLUE Technical details: Basics Type Hardening system Hybrid Polymer Permanent paste Polymerisation by means of atmospheric humidity Hardness (DIN 53505) Density (DIN 53479) Skin formation (*) Correctable up to (*) Initial setting time (*) Hardening speed (*) 50 ±5 Shore A 1.52 g/ml Approx. 5 min. 5 min 20 min (after firm pressing) 4mm/24h Operating temperature Elasticity Max. allowed distortion Elasticity modulus 100 % (DIN 53504) Maximum stress (DIN 53504) Elongation at rupture (DIN 53504) (*) these values may vary depending on environmental conditions such as...

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