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new generation of vinyl flooring a The new collection of Pergo vinyl floors is a nothing short of a re-vinylution. A new surface offers a natural look and feel, combined with Pergo durability. Unsurpassed stability thanks to a new manufacturing process and a new click joint technology makes installation faster and easier than ever before. And the warm, comfortable softness takes you far, far away from other vinyl floors. MODERN COFFEE OAK, PLANK V2107-40019

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Join the resistance! The new Pergo vinyl floors are not only made to last – they’re made to stay beautiful too! The new TitanV™ protective top layer efficiently seals the surface, offering improved resistance against staining and soiling, and protection against scratches. The sealed surface pays off in many ways. In addition to resisting scratches, it also makes the floor easier to clean. As the ultimate proof of quality, all Pergo vinyl floors come with a guarantee of up to 25 years. LIGHT GREY TRAVERTIN V2120-40047

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A Pergo vinyl floor never folds Our new, strong PerfectFold™ V click system was created specifically for vinyl floors. It is a unique construction that features vertical as well as horizontal locking to make installation incredibly fast, easy and durable. Just fold it down or snap it in place! A softer touch all around When designing the new vinyl floors, sustainability was a top priority. The energy efficient and ultra-modern manufacturing process reduces waste to a minimum, to be as soft as possible to your feet as well on the planet. » Phthalate free* » Very low VOC emissions » Waste...

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flooring Pergo vinyl floors can take a knock or two. Actually, that is putting it mildly. The strong and durable surface layer makes vinyl the ideal choice for spaces that are used intensively, like hallways or rooms where children play. It really is the no-worries floor. Thanks to the fully sealed surface, dirt simply cannot penetrate the floor, and you are able to clean off most stains using nothing but water. MODERN NATURE OAK, PLANK V2107-40018

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It’s not just the look that makes a Pergo vinyl floor a great choice. These floors are also very durable, sound absorbent and comfortable to walk on. CLASSIC NATURE OAK, PLANK V2107-40023 GREY CHALET PINE, PLANK V2107-40055 kids will be kids!

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Natural look and feel Inspired by the natural feel of wood, slate and rough concrete, our 24 designs allow you to accentuate your home environment any way you want. The distinct authentic feel is supported by a unique bevel technology that helps to define the edges of each plank on our premium floors. MODERN GREY OAK, PLANK V2107-40017

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Pergo vinyl floors not only feel cosy, they are also perfectly suited for underfloor heating. And with vinyl, there are no limits to what a floor can look like. The versatility
of the material means we can offer a wide range of designs, each radiating its own style thanks to the real life details, the tactile structure and the fascinating colour schemes. NORDIC WHITE OAK, PLANK V2107-40020

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100% waterproof Our new vinyl floors are waterproof, making them a great alternative for kitchens and other areas where the floor not only has to be beautiful to look at, but also practical. Of course, a waterproof floor is also easy to clean. Thanks to the protective and sealed TitanV™ surface, dirt can just be wiped off the floor – keeping it not only looking great, but also hygienic! BROWN CHALET PINE, PLANK V2107-40056

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optimum premium Very durable floors for use in commercial applications Durable floors for domestic use » TitanV™ scratch, stain and wear resistant layer » PerfectFold™ V for fast and easy installation » 5-year guarantee for commercial use » 25-year guarantee for residential use » TitanV™ scratch, stain and wear resistant layer » PerfectFold™ V for fast and easy installation » 20-year guarantee for residential use (also available in glue down, see SOFT GREY OAK, PLANK V2107-40036

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classic plank 1 Protective TitanV™ layer for scratch, stain and wear resistance 2 Fine printed vinyl decor layer NORDIC WHITE OAK, PLANK 3 Highly impact resistant vinyl core MODERN GREY OAK, PLANK SOFT GREY OAK, PLANK LIGHT GREY CHALET PINE, PLANK 4 Extra stabilizing layer containing glass fiber 5 Highly impact resistant vinyl backing MODERN NATURE OAK, PLANK CREAM TRAVERTIN LIGHT GREY TRAVERTIN GREY SCIVARO SLATE BLACK SCIVARO SLATE GOLDEN NATURE OAK, PLANK LIGHT CONCRETE WARM GREY CONCRETE DARK GREY CONCRETE OXIDIZED METAL CONCRETE NATURE MANSION OAK, PLANK ECRU MANSION OAK, PLANK   GREY...

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Wallbase PGVSKR(xxxxx)MD240 (see matching matrix for correct art no) Waterproof skirting board to hide expansion joints and protect walls. Perfect match to the floor in colour, structure and gloss. 2400 x 8 x 55 mm Colour: colour matched Surface: wear resistant PVC foil with water-resistant finish Core: MDF Wallbase, paintable PGVSKRPAINTMD240 Waterproof, paintable skirting board to hide expansion joints and protect walls. 2400 x 8 x 55 mm Colour: white & paintable Surface: wear resistant PVC foil with water-resistant finish Core: MDF The PerfectFold™ V click system was created specifically...

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Stair nose, click Stair nose, outer Stair nose, inner Glue trowel For installation of Pergo click vinyl on stairs and steps. Always glue the floor panels for your safety! For installation of Pergo glue vinyl on stairs and steps. For installation of Pergo glue vinyl on stairs and steps. Ensures perfect glue consumption per m2. For a beautiful finish. Available in 8 colours. Water based acrylic. 310 ml. maintenance Underlay basic PGVUDLB15 Easy to install basic underlay specially developed for Pergo vinyl floors. Good sound absorbent and prevents irregularities. Perfectly suitable for floor...

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Cleaning instructions Matching matrix General maintenance Ecru mansion oak, plank    Nature mansion oak, plank Warm grey mansion oak, plank  Taupe mansion oak, plank Modern grey oak, plank  Periodic cleaning and maintenance Modern nature oak, plank Modern coffee oak, plank Clean the floor routinely by sweeping, vacuum cleaning or damp wiping. Always remove immediately grit, sharp objects, staining agents, moisture or aggressive substances from the floor. PLEASE NOTE: Never use aggressive cleaning agents, soap or abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing oil or waxes. Nordic white oak, plank ...

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