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PERGO World - 1

Dont worry floors for a donҒt worry life

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PERGO World - 3

In this brochure we have brought together a selection of ideas and inspiration for everyone who needs floors for professional applications. If you are seeking the combination of exceptional wear resistance, elegance and flexibility in creative design, a PERGO > Ү floor stands in a class of its own.Pergo created the whole category of laminate flooring 30 years ago and we have been refining its sensational characteristics ever since. The patented TitanX Surface > is just one example of the unique properties that make a PERGO > ٮ floor almost impossible to wear out. And our latest innovation...

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PERGO World - 5

As you well know, it is impossible to overstate the importance of the floor in creating the style and feeling of a certain space. The choice of floor can transform the atmosphere from trendy to sober, from discrete to expressive, from warm to cold. When it comes to enhancing a concept area, few things are so subtly effective as use of flooring. That is why Pergo is continuously developing the market֒s most versatile floors, with creative new patterns and shapes that give you more and more possibilities to create spaces that give the impression you want, where you want it.Sophisticated...

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PERGO World - 7

At Pergo the environment has played a central role in everything we do since we first started making laminate floors 30 years ago. It affects our products, our production at our factory in Sweden and our choice of transport and packaging. Recycling is a key part of our environmental policy. Eighty per cent of our productsΒ content consists of wood surplus from our suppliers in the wood industry. We use only renewable wood products such as pine and spruce never exotic woods or wood from rainforests that are threatened with extinction. Another environmental advantage of PERGO > ֮ floors is...

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PERGO World - 8

Victory Challenge is the Swedish Americas Cup syndicate set up by media and telecoms tycoon Jan Stenbeck before the sailing contest in Auckland in 2003. When the races moved to Valencia in Spain, the Swedish team needed head-quarters that would reflect their lofty ambitions.Wind, sun, water, passion and competitive spirit were some of the obvious keywords for the spirit of the headquarters. Trend-setting and wear-resistance were others. Above all, the floor surfaces had to withstand a lot of stress in the form of equipment being carried in and out. How do you bring all these expressive...

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PERGO World - 13

Nowhere in the city of Madrid does the nightlife pulsate like it does in the neighbourhood surrounding the citys legendary football stadium, Santiago Bernabҩu - home of Real Madrid. One of the areas most popular watering holes is the sushi restaurant, Summa, which specializes in a crossover menu where Japanese cuisine meets Mediterranean. The floor chosen to match this expressive setting is one of PergoҒs most distinctive and artistic decors, PERGO > Papyrus. Expressive, fresh and subtle - all in one in the same design. Quite like the food being served. > PRACTIQ 035112 PAPYRUS 13 size="-1">

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PERGO World - 16

The unexpected knockout in Las Vegas. The fierce Formula 1 duel in Sao Paolo. The football fans jubilant at a 21 lead in Manchester. The unreachable passing shot in Melbourne.Every day Eurosport captures the world֒s biggest sporting events and trans-mits them with commentary and analysis to more than 22 millions of fascinated sports fans. At its headquarters at Issy-les-Moulineaux just outside Paris there is ceaseless activity from morning to night.The dcor of the offices naturally reflects the split-second tempos and dynamics of the sporting world. And the floor is 300 m > 2 of red, white...

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PERGO World - 21

With its unique collection of treasures from the great days of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the museum at Luxor is one of the worlds most popular tourist attractions. In its 750 m > 2 main lecture hall, people gather every day of the year to learn more about one of the most exciting epochs of history.When the hall was renovated in 2003, PERGO > Ү Original was chosen even though another floor had originally been specified. The combination of wear-resistance and the elegant wood effect of the finish proved decisive.Five years later, the floor remains unaffected by the almost constant wear from...

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PERGO World - 24

The Grand Hyatt is one of Beijings Җ and Chinas Җ most elegant hotels. Standing on Oriental Plaza, the hotel is located in the vibrant centre of the city, close to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Wang Fu Jing shopping street.Inside is the Red Moon bar and restaurant, whose exciting mixture of western and eastern tradition makes it one of Beijings natural meeting places. In its recent renovation the choice of PERGO > Ү Java Teak helped to reinforce the sophisticated inter- national atmosphere of the bar. Three words summed up the choice of floor: smart, attractive, hardwearingӔ....

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PERGO World - 29

YLE is Finlands public-service broadcasting corporation with five nationwide TV channels and three radio channels. Its head office in Helsinki is filled with feverish activity every day, and when 150 m > 2 of floor in a news studio needed to be renovated in August, the choice fell on PERGO > Ү Uniq.Factors that naturally weighed strongly were that PERGO > ٮ Uniq is an elegant floor that withstands the wear normally inflicted on a heavily trafficked editorial floor, and that its sound-dampening properties provide a more pleasant working environment.But just as important was that the...

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PERGO World - 32

With its arcade of shops and European dcor, the Hotel Vincci Avalon in New York is a pearl among hotels, which draws back its guests, tourists and businessmen alike, year after year.As well as its elegance and charm, the Vincci Avalon attracts visitors with a superlative location a few minutes walk from the Empire State Building, Penn Station, Times Square, Broadway or Manhattan钒s business district.PERGO > was a simple choice when the hotelΒs 3,600 m > 2 of floor area needed to be renewed. Fast installation, attractive design, extremely hardwearing and also easy to clean. No other reasons...

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