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dedicated to durability since i 979 dedicated to durability since i 979 commercial flooring solutions FLOORS FOR REAL LIFE

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2 | Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions News Original Laminate FITNESS GYM: DE KAAI, BELGIUM MODERN PLANK, SENSATION LIMED GREY OAK, L0231-03367 Extreme resistance – class 34 Pergo Classic Plank – the most durable laminate floor in the world featuring the highest scratch, wear (AC6) an impact (IC4) resistance with AquaSafe water resistance for high-wear and public areas. Dedicated to durability We’ve been in the business of designing durability for more than 40 years. We know the importance of beautiful, practical flooring better than most, and we love the thrill of a new challenge. Over...

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Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions | 3 Original Laminate News 4 wide long plank: 2050 x 240 mm

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4 | Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions News Original Laminate Sensation – a look to love With Pergo Sensation we have re-invented laminate all over again. Your eyes will notice the difference right away. Try running your fingers across the floor surface and you’re in for a real surprise. The authentic, deep true-to-nature surface is made possible by an innovative technique (embossed in register) that can reproduce the deep grooves of wood to perfection. The natural look is enhanced by a brand new matt finish, that adds to the authentic feeling of real wood. The result really is a Pergo...

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Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions | 5 «s*»?h5Ht)v . cts^ vi < ., sJBg^aT .^ait.'.i. *5 *^3? Water resistant laminate! The AquaSafe technology makes the floor water resistant, even into the bevels. Without this unique technology, laminate floors can swell or the edges can raise.

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6 | Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions NEW! Rigid vinyl flooring - click installation even on irregular subfloors Pergo rigid vinyl offers new possibilities. Thanks to a rigid composite core, a levelled subfloor is no longer needed making installation faster and easier. The construction of the core also prevents telegraphing and cupping, while still providing the warm, soft touch. And of course the rigid floors offer the same scratch, stain and wear resistance as you expect from Pergo vinyl flooring. HOTEL: HARMONY GHENT, BELGIUM MODERN PLANK, BLACK CITY OAK V3131-40091

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Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions | 7 Vinyl Planks & Tiles News Why confine flooring to the floor? With Pergo vinyl products, the design you choose is not confined to the floor. You can create new or renovate exciting interiors by applying it to walls. With our vinyl tiles being waterproof, they are also an ideal choice for a unique shower wall, in a kitchen, or other wet areas in newbuild and renovation projects. RESTAURANT: SHI’S SUSHI, ITALY CLASSIC PLANK, LIGHT NATURE OAK, PLANK V3107-40021 100% phthalate free! maximum protection – minimal impact » Very low VOC emissions » Waste...

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8 | Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions News Wood Parquet makes lacquered wood floors stay young! Untreated wood floors can be penetrated by dirt and water, causing permanent discolouring. Pergo one-strip lacquered wood floors, however, have StayClean protection that covers the entire facing of each plank. This makes our lacquered wood floors extra resistant to liquids and spills and prevents dirt from getting into the joints and wood texture.

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Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions | 9 Wood Parquet News

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10 | Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions ***** euN^ Ecolabel Caring for the environment has always played a central role in everything we do. As a testament to our efforts, Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer ever to achieve the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan. Through our parent company UNILIN, Pergo flooring is also the first to receive the European Ecolabel for laminate flooring, along with other certificates and quality requirements.

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Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions 11 Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions 11 Our designers find inspiration in the latest fashion trends, architectural masterpieces and everyday life. Every floor - whether it’s laminate, wood parquet, or vinyl - starts with a vision, backed by careful research and technical development. Moving into the next phase, we have market-leading technology, state-of-the-art production facilities and over 550 patents and pending applications at our disposal, turning our vision into beautiful, durable flooring.

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12 | Pergo Commercial Flooring Solutions Collection book and reference guide 200 pages of inspiration and technical information. Ask for your free copy now! For reference cases and free samples visit our website

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