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Pergo narvik pro X laminate class 34-AC 6


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FLOORING SOLUTIONS narvik pro X for high-wear and public areas

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Extremely durable TitanX™ is a multilayer technology that includes protective top layers of aluminium oxide particles, which provide superior wear and scratch resistance, combined with special impact layers and a high quality moisture resistant HDF core. narvik pro X Pergo has been in the business of designing durable floors for more Water-resistant AquaSafe technology makes the floor water resistant even into the bevels. Without this unique technology, laminate floors can swell or the edges can raise. than 40 years. Today we are proud to offer a new type of laminate of the highest quality...

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extra matt finish extra matt finish extra matt finish extra matt finish extra matt finish extra matt finish

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– extreme durability When buying or specifying commercial laminate flooring it is vital to understand the suitability of a product for its intended application. The international classification of durability for laminate flooring is the Abrasion Criteria or ‘AC’ rating EN13329). Laminate AC ratings measure wear resistance and were originally designated AC1 to AC5. The exceptionally high standards of Pergo laminates necessitated the creation of an even higher, AC6 resistance level for very intensive commercial use. Pergo laminate floors are class 32 (AC4, normal commercial use), class 33...

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AquaSafe water-resistance The unique AquaSafe technology sets a new standard for water resistance in laminate flooring. AquaSafe creates a sealed surface – all the way down into the bevels – efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor. Without this unique technology, moisture can cause the floor to swell or the edges to raise. The wet warranty for Pergo narvik pro X is 10 years or 24 hours against standing water. This forces water, dirt and stains to stay on the surface where it can be wiped off easily. In addition to being water-resistant, this also makes AquaSafe floors...

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Pergo narvik pro X laminate class 34-AC 6 - 12

Durability for the long run Caring for the environment has always played a central role in everything we do. As a testament to our efforts, Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer ever to achieve the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Swan. Through our parent company UNILIN, Pergo flooring is also the first to receive the European Ecolabel for laminate flooring, along with other certificates and quality requirements. * Information sur le niveau d’émission de s ubstances volatiles dans l’air intérieur, p résentant un risque de toxicité par inhalation, sur une échelle de classe allant de...

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Pergo laminate life cycle biomass powers the factory REACH compliant raw materials by-products from other industries and residual waste are used throughout the production process we integrated backwards in order to produce our own MDF /HDF panels covering of our heat requirements water supply for production from recycled water avoidance of fossil CO2 emissions / year energy efficient of our wood input is recycled wood or by-products from other industries >1000 m3 rain water reused landfill is policy in our production facility very easy de-installation thanks to Uniclic system easy...

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Total flooring solutions – 100% compability and colour match Underlays With an underlay you can increase walking comfort, as well as add functionality to your floor. E.g. improve the acoustics in a room or add moisture protection. Wallbases and beadings Pergo’s colour coordinated wallbases are installed easily and flexibly using a snap-in system, nails, screws or glue. A beading is a practical solution that can help hide transitions and add an extra design touch. It's also well suited for window frames that extend all the way down to the floor. A small and very useful wallbase. T-Mouldings...

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Commercial mouldings 5-in-1 profile Hard surface reducer Stair nose moulding 40 mm Stair nose moulding, flush T-moulding, colour matched T-moulding, silver PGEXPC(-), 2350 x 50 mm (see matching matrix for correct art no) From laminate to laminate. Easy installation with snap-in function. Material: solid aluminium. Surface: flooring laminate, TitanX™-surface. Bottom part: galvanised iron. Minimum order quantity: 30 pc. Flexible in height. Flooring thickness (including underlay) 7 – 18 mm. Surface: aluminium. The Incizo® subprofile is required for stair application and has to be ordered...

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Fire classification Impact sound reduction (depending on used underlay) Wear Resistance SCRATCH RESISTANCE The TitanX™ surface has an extra protective layer providing the best scratch- and scuff-resistance on the market, so your Pergo floor will retain its lustre much longer than other laminate floors. IMPACT RESISTANCE The unique multilayer construction of our TitanX™ surface, together with a dense core material, provides very high impact resistance for handling dropped objects and high-heeled shoes. ANTI-STATIC Pergo laminate floors eliminate static electricity. Electrostatic charges are...

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Our floors look even better in real life Visit our website for reference cases and free samples Production: Konovalenko PEFC/07-31-75 PEFC-Certified The paper used, is from sustainably managed forests, recycled and controlled sources. Pergo is a quality product produced by bv, division flooring, Ooigemstraat 3, 8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium. Member of

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