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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 1

Commercial flooring solutions

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 3

Designing possibilities Delivering durability Maison du Monde, Retail shop, France A commercial floor is a stage for real life, which means constant exposure to mechanical wear, abrasion, impact loads and ongoing stress. So for the beautiful to stay flawless, design has to meet durability.    For us at Pergo, it all boils down to beautiful, practical flooring with a long lifespan. Our many years of expertise and over 500 granted and pending patent applications make it possible to offer you professional flooring solutions with extraordinary wear resistance.    As the inventor of laminate...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 4

Finding the right fit for your every need Lively high-traffic foyers, quiet office spaces or trendy shops – at Pergo you will always find the right flooring. With our multi-category offering and decades of expertise, we can put together a total solution for your entire building project.    We strive to provide a boundless palette – allowing you to think freely, dream big and capture exactly the right essence for every space. With a wide variety of colours, surface textures, plank sizes, and more, you can create countless unique designs. No matter if your project is public, commercial or...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 6

Luxor Museum, Egypt Superior durability thanks to TitanX™ 84 decors, 4 formats, 3 quality levels Endless customisation possibilities Matching accessories

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 7

Laminate floors – maximum durability TitanX™ – for maximum protection Our patented TitanX™ surface protection is a multilayer technology that provides superior resistance to wear, impact and scratching. Excellent wear protection living Expression TitanX original Excellence TitanX Adv public Extreme TitanX Adv IC 3 Class 33 IC 2 Class 32 living Expression TitanX The buildup of our laminate floors original Excellence TitanX Adv 1. Superior wear and scratch resistance layer 2. Crystal clear décor 3. Excellent impact resistance 4. Moisture resistant HDF core 5. Back stabilizer public Extreme...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 8

The natural feeling of wood We believe that wood is one of the most beautiful natural resources and our aim is to bring you the very best. Our wood floors are designed to be just as easy to install and reliable as other Pergo floors. Depending on the impression you want to create, our floors are available in different designs, wood species, structures, beveling and finishing options, opening up a great spectrum for unique floor design. Customisation allows for even greater freedom of thinking.    Our wood floors are delivered prefinished, so there’s no need for sanding or oiling after...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 9

3 layer build-up for perfect stability 1. Protective finish (lacquer or oil) 2. Face layer 3. Advanced core 4. Balanced backing Wood is a living product that moves. Changes in temperature and humidity make it swell or shrink. Therefore, the core layer is laid crossways to the face layer and backing providing additional strength and ensuring maximum stability.

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 10

Maximum durability 100% waterproof Easy to maintain Quiet and comfortable Matching accessories

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 11

High-performance vinyl floors Ideally suited for high-traffic, wet areas, and other practical use, Pergo vinyl flooring stands up to a lot. 100% waterproof with good thermal conductivity, Pergo vinyl floors also offer a quiet and comfortable walking experience with reduced step noise. Plus, the sealed surface and protective coating makes maintenance easy. Vinyl is also ideal for renovations as it’s thin and easy to install over an existing floor.    Of course, with Pergo, durability goes hand-in-hand with design. The versatility of the material means we can offer a wide range of designs,...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 12

Customise your floor – The only limit is your imagination With three product categories, a wide variety of colours, surface textures, plank sizes, and more, you can create countless unique designs with our standard assortment. Furthermore, Pergo’s customisation options also allow you to explore new ideas and combinations. You can modify certain details such as bevels or structure or let loose your imagination and create your own unique flooring solutions.    Whether you’re building an auto showroom, a boutique, or a hotel, you can achieve a match for any criteria. We can provide you with a...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 13

Match the floor to your furniture to create more cohesive spaces Maison du Monde, Retail shop, France At Maisons du Monde, a European retailer of stylish homeware items, the floor is custom coloured and perfectly coordinated with their selection of objects and furniture from around the world. With our customisation possibilities, you can design a floor that perfectly matches your interior and creates a seamless visual experience. Match the floor to your company’s brand image When the Norwegian football club Stabæk chose their new office floor they opted for a laminate floor designed to look...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 14

Innovating for better performance When you take the time to design and install a beautiful floor, it should stay that way. That’s why we put so much focus on developing technology that ensures floors stay flawlessly beautiful for years — capable of standing up to high traffic, impact, and all the stresses of commercial use.    All our floors are protected for excellent wear resistance and very high impact resistance. Our patented TitanX™ Advanced surface available for laminate flooring is the best multilayer protective floor finish on the market. Inventor of laminate floors More than 550...

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Commercial Flooring Solutions - 15

PerfectFold™ 3.0 –30% faster installation Pergo’s patented PerfectFold™ installation system, used in all our product categories, makes installation faster and easier. Thanks to three different ways of installation you can start laying the floor in the middle of the room and easily reach everywhere. The strong and stable locking makes floors with PerfectFold ideal for all commercial applications, where it is imperative to avoid any open joints or height differences. Ministry of education, Spain Drop down 3 ways of installation Pergo’s patented PerfectFold installation system is specially...

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