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3 good reasons to invest in a variable speed pump

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Shh, it’s running! One of the quietest pumps in the world We all know silence is golden: did you know that the variable speed pump is one of the quietest pumps in the world? Its unique motor technology provides silence like no other: when running at a low speed, it sounds like nothing more than a whisper. A variable speed pump is on average 20 dB quieter than a single speed pump, i.e. 75% less noise. Single speed pump Variable speed pump Source: iacacoustics.com/blog-full/comparative-examples-of-noise-levels.html

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Unmatched efficiency for crystal-clear water Optimum filtration quality The slower the water circulates through the filter, the better the filtration quality. The variable speed pump allows continuous filtration at a slow speed with the option to backwash the filter at maximum speed. A better efficiency of treatment products Pool water is continuously circulated. This enables more homogenous mixing of the products within the pool. For permanent water quality monitoring, the variable speed pump is an essential asset to an automatic water treatment system. BENEFIT FROM A CLEAN, CLEAR POOL...

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Spectacular savings! Payback after just a few seasons A variable speed pump uses 70% less energy than a single speed pump What makes owners of variable speed pumps especially happy are the clear energy savings they see in their bills at the end of the month. With increased performance and less energy lost, the variable speed pump can operate more easily at low speeds and offer lower flow rates, allowing for significant energy savings. Why? Because when the flow rate is halved, energy consumption is reduced by eight! It even consumes less when running 24/7! Over a period of around 5 months,...

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Variable Speed. Invariably smart. Variable speed pumps (VS2) + THE scalable solution. A pool changes throughout its lifetime with the addition of new equipment: a variable speed pump allows you to filter your pool, whatever its size. Selecting a higher speed to manage new additions, such as new laminars or a heat pump for instance is extremely easy. + Perform more effective backwashes on your sand filter thanks to this readily available reserve capacity. + User-friendly programming lets you pick the best speed for your pool so that your pump can temporarily deliver more power, for example,...

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Our variable speed pumps Pentair offers numerous variable speed pumps. Each with their own unique features and advantages. Ask your pool specialist which solution is most suitable for your setup The variable speed pump: the prime solution 3 great reasons to invest in a variable speed pump: A pump manufactured in Europe from quality parts, which is silent, consumes less and has the capacity to supply future equipment: meet our prime solution. Discover our range of variable speed pumps 1. One of the quietest pumps around 2. Formidable efficiency for crystal-clear water 3. Spectacular savings...

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