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New Ideas 2019


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New Ideas 2019 - 2

Folk Now traditional chair design CMP Design en  — Folk collection accentuates the quest for simplicity. Its friendly character, the warmth of ash wood, the soft and compact dimensions, human lines seamlessly convey the concept of a chair that speaks a universal language. The power of proportions is clearly evident in the time-tested forms,   re-elaborated with the new possibilities offered by technology. The use of the cane seat guarantees visual lightness and maximum durability. it  — La collezione Folk è il risultato di una ricerca della semplicità. Il carattere amichevole, il tepore del...

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New Ideas 2019 - 3

FSC certified ash wood, organic coated water finish Frassino certificato FSC verniciato all’acqua con vernici organiche Natural cane seat, with grey nylon yarn woven Sedile in paglia di Vienna con filo in nylon grigio nell’intreccio

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New Ideas 2019 - 4

Buddy Friendly spirit DESIGN Busetti Garuti Redaelli en — Buddy sofa reflects the collection's friendly reassuring design, adding further comfort to the seat, thanks to a combination of four different densities of polyurethane foam and to the elastic belts in the seat. It offers greater softness for a domestic environment in which one feels truly pampered. it — Il divano Buddy, pur mantenendosi coerente al design amichevole e rassicurante della collezione, incrementa ulteriormente il comfort di seduta grazie alla combinazione di quattro diverse densita di schiumato poliuretanico e alle...

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New Ideas 2019 - 5

Three-seater sofa, with or without armrests Divano a 3 posti, con o senza braccioli Aluminium legs Gambe in alluminio

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New Ideas 2019 - 6

Héra Fluidity of shapes en  — Wood - the ultimate natural raw material is the inspiration behind Héra. Available in ash or American walnut, this armchair embodies the concept of lightness, fusing it with comfort. The backrest, in three-dimensional bent plywood, has a remarkably elegant and ergonomic design. The rectangular-section legs with round edge display an attention to detail. The wooden elements of Héra are finished with organic water-based paints. design Patrick Jouin it  — Il legno, materia prima naturale per eccellenza, ha ispirato Héra. Realizzata in frassino o noce americano,...

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New Ideas 2019 - 7

Jamaica Italian bohème design CMP Design en  — Jamaica was inspired by Bar in Milan's Via Brera, a legendary hub for intellectuals and artists in the twentieth century. The elegance of this chair speaks of an age in which art, technology and the imagination came together to give a human face to the aesthetics of machines, reimagining a peaceful world with creative sociability. The result is a modernist collection which reworks the classic forms of the past with a contemporary edge. it  — Jamaica si ispira al celebre Bar di via Brera a Milano, che fu ritrovo di intellettuali e artisti del...

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New Ideas 2019 - 8

Side chair Sedia Bent plywood legs Gambe in multistrato curvato

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New Ideas 2019 - 9

DESIGN Claudio Bellini en — The Elinor collection of tables brings to mind the soft, curving lines of the namesake executive chair springing from a new perception of space and conveying a refined yet contemporary image. The base is formed of two moulded elements of fixed dimensions, made from rigid polyurethane foam and upholstered in genuine leather; they support a table top in ultra-thin solid laminate, with rounded lacquered MDF support beneath it which conceals the steel structure. it — La collezione di tavoli Elinor riprende le linee morbide e sinuose della poltrona direzionale omonima...

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New Ideas 2019 - 10

en  — The Elinor tables can be adapted: the two elements of the base can be positioned in several ways to create different geometric arrangements, allowing a variety of aesthetic results. These moulded elements, when arranged in an asymmetric way, donates lightness to the setting thanks to the space between them, by ensuring great stability. it  — I tavoli Elinor possono essere modulabili e, in base al posizionamento dei due elementi della base, sono in grado di creare geometrie che definiscono svariate configurazioni al fine di dare vita a risultati estetici differenti. Quando collocati in...

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New Ideas 2019 - 11

Remind Between mind & heart en  — Remind evokes the soft sinuous curves of wooden chairs from the late nineteenth century. Its organic silhouette recalls "something never seen before”, a universal shape able to fit into any space and style of decor. An innovative polypropylene armchair, in which each element is conceived to ensure total comfort and cosiness, perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces. design Eugeni Quitllet Polypropylene charged with glass fiber Polipropilene caricato con fibre di vetro it  — Remind riprende la memoria delle curve morbide e sinuose delle sedie in legno...

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New Ideas 2019 - 12

Pixel in polypropylene   to decorate the backrest Pixel in polipropilene per il decoro dello schienale Stackable, up to 8 pcs Impilabile, fino a 8 pezzi

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New Ideas 2019 - 13

Soul Pure creativity design Eugeni Quitllet en  — The concept of Soul stems from the idea of creating a chair using a blend of age-old methods and cutting-edge techniques. Its ash structure has a minimalistic, flowing silhouette, characterized by a harmonious interplay of curves and lines. The ergonomic seat appears suspended. A new version for outdoor made of aluminium, with a seat in teak slats, ensures strength and lightness. it  — La poltrona Soul nasce dal desiderio di creare una seduta ricorrendo a metodi tradizionali e sfruttando al tempo stesso la tecnologia. Linee sinuose...

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New Ideas 2019 - 14

Tribeca Lounge Fasten your seat, belt! design CMP Design en  — Tribeca collection gains new seatings, highlighting its fresh, dynamic, colourful and playful side. A lounge chair and a two-seater sofa which evoke the comforting echoes of the past, offering a modern reinterpretation of the classic Sixties patio chairs made from steel and woven cord. An outdoor icon revisited through new materials: a webbing in vertically-woven extruded PVC with   a nylon core, that makes the seat incredibly soft and comfortable, is combined with the solid tubular frame. it  — La collezione Tribeca si...

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