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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 1

With the latest trend! ENG 2015

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 2

Contents A FLOOR TO LOVE ! With Par-ky you are choosing security! Par-ky floors are produced exclusively in our facilities in Belgium by a team of motivated employees for whom quality is paramount. We stand behind this commitment to quality with our 15 year warranty. In addition, Par-ky floors are easy to install and maintain. Our range consists of 5 collections, so we can offer the right floor for every budget and taste. Newest to the range the Twist collection is the latest innovation from Par-ky. Par-ky Twist is a pattern floor that allows you the freedom to choose not only the design...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 3

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 4

Reasons for choosing Par-ky REAL WOOD Every Par-ky floorboard has a top layer of real wood. That's why our floors look like solid parquet. Just like in nature, no two Par-ky floorboards are the same. In addition, the wood also feels pleasantly warm to the touch. Par-ky loves wood, so we are very careful With Par-ky you have all how we use this precious, natural resource. We optimise the use of this raw material by laminate without actually only cutting a thin top layer. In addition, all our using laminate in your wood comes from sustainable forests. Nearly one third of the energy that we...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 5

Stronger than solid parquet A Par-ky floor is not only strong but also extremely impactresistant, thanks to its ultra-strong HDF core (High-Density Fiberboard). In addition, all Par-ky is finished with no fewer than eight thick layers of a factory applied - UV cured lacquer. This makes our floors more resistant to impacts than solid or engineered parquet with a thicker top layer. HYGIENIC All bevels are stained, lacquered and protected from humidity thanks to our Aqua Sealing Complete system. The V-groove is also given an "Ultrafresh" antibacterial protective coating. This ensures that...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 6

5 collections for your wildest dreams PATTERN FLOOR Calculate the area twistcalculator Length 868 mm (34 inch) Width 124 mm (4 7/8 inch) Thickness 12 mm (15/32 inch) Length 1800 mm (71 inch) Width 160 mm (6 19/64 inch) Double herringbone * except Sand Ash & Sucupira QUIET TO WALK ON These collections have a 2 mm (5/64 inch) layer of cork. This makes them quiet to walk on, just like a solid wooden floor.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 7

WIDE RANGE Excellent alternative to laminate. 7

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 8

Choose from 26 designs T Afzelia Doussié Our brushed finish accentuates the natural structure of the wood. These floors are also given a mat varnish, which preserves the wood’s natural look. This finish is much tougher than an oil finish, but slightly less resilient than our sealed finish (explanation is found to the right). Shadow Macassar The rough cut finish is a finish where we combine both a brushed and bandsaw effect. We make transverse notches in the wood, giving it a rustic, aged look. Thanks to a patented process, Par-ky guarantees that no 2 floorboards are ever the same. We...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 9

12 trendy oaks 4 contemporary classics the choice is yours … Rustic Ivory Oak Smoked Walnut Rosewood Santos Bamboo steamed Coffee beech WHAT ARE BEVELS ? Bevels are the edge finishes on each separate floorboard. At Par-ky we always use a V-shaped bevel, and distinguish between 3 different types. First we have a maxi bevel of 1.5 mm (1/16 inch). This bevel is used to emphasise the width of the floorboard. Second is the 0.5 mm (1/64 inch) mini bevel which is used as standard to ensure that the individual floorboard is more easily visible. Third is a subtle micro bevel of 0.1 mm (1/256 inch),...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 10

INSPIRATION : 12 trendy OAKS Oak looks great in every interior and symbolises power and strength. Oak wood has a timeless style and is very relaxing. It's ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home. That's why this wood specie is excellent for parquet. In addition, the Par-ky collection comes in the latest trends and colours. This range of floors is very attractive. Trendy oaks feel at home in every interior. Van Staeyen Interieur Architecten

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 13


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 14


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 15

Architect: Xavier Beyens

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 16


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 17

Our macro bevels emphasise the width of our DELUXE+ premium collection. On the short side we use an elegant mini bevel. This long, wide floorboard is the showpiece of the Par-ky range.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 18

INSPIRATION : 12 trendy OAKS Verdickt&Verdickt ARCHITECTEN

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 20

INSPIRATION : 12 trendy OAKS Par-ky has developed aluminium profiles for each oak reference. These profiles are extremely strong and therefore perfectly suited to intensive use. There are also wooden profiles for normal domestic use. Architect: Reginald Schellen More info on page 61.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 23


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 24


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 25

Verdickt&Verdickt ARCHITECTEN

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 26


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 27

Par-ky is finished with a thin layer of veneer. This wooden top layer exudes class, exhibits unique wood structures and radiates a natural warmth. Add a touch of cosiness in your home with a Par-ky floor!

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 29

INSPIRATION : 12 trendy OAKS Rustic Manhattan Oak Available in All our collections marked with the + sign have an integrated cork underlay. This cork underlay allows Par-ky to produce sound qualities comparable to that of fully glued or nailed down floors. Cork also offers an ecological alternative for the many synthetic underlays found in the market.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 30

Architect: Arjaan De Feyter

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 31

INSPIRATION : 12 trendy OAKS Par-ky provides the accessories needed for a perfect finish. For example, we have designed a highly practical 3-in-1 skirting in all the designs in our range. The height of the veneer skirting can be varied according to taste or application. More info on page 60.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 32


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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 34

INSPIRATION : 4 contemporary classics These contemporary classic floors radiate tradition. The wood species we have selected here have made generations happy thanks to their warm look and feel. They are contemporary but also timeless and incredibly beautiful. You can rest assured you'll still love your floor tomorrow.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2015 - 37

INSPIRATION : 4 contemporary classics A Par-ky floor is easy to maintain. We recommend first vacuuming the floor and then cleaning it with the specially developed Par-ky Cleaner. The 8 coats of varnish, combined with the aqua seal technology in the bevels, keep the floor free from dampness. This makes maintenance child’s play.

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