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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 5

Reasons for choosing Par-ky Real Wood Every Par-ky oorboard has a top layer of real wood. Par-ky loves wood, so we are very careful how we use That's why our oors look like solid parquet. Just like this precious, natural resource. We optimise the use in nature, no two Par-ky oorboards are the same. In of this raw material by only cutting a thin top layer. In addition, the wood also feels pleasantly warm to the addition, all our wood comes from sustainable forests. This origin is guaranteed by our Pure Wood charter. The Pure Wood charter With Par-ky you have all the Decospan, the parent...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 6

Stronger than solid parquet A Par-ky oor is not only strong but also extremely impact-resistant. Every oorboard is very resistant, thanks to the ultra-strong HDF (High-Density Fibreboard). The wood veneer is glued on this board and nished with no fewer than eight thick layers of lacquer. This makes our oors more resistant to impacts than solid or engineered parquet with a thicker top layer. A truly unique system This universal, patented system makes our oors as easy to install as laminate and guarantees a perfect connection between 2 oorboards. Solid sound The and collections have a 2 mm...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 7

Benets of a Par-ky oorboard The top layer in real wood makes every Par-ky oorboard unique Choose between 2 nishes: // Brushed A oor with a brushed nish highlights the natural structure of the wood. You get the look and feel of solid parquet. This oor nish leaves the wood pores open so it's not recommended for kitchens. // Sealed We seal the wood pores with wax to obtain a smooth nish. This provides an exceptionally strong protective layer on top of the natural wood and makes your oor highly resistant to humidity and dirt. Our years of expertise and focus on innovation are what guarantee our...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 8

Exclusive look • 100% ecological • Long and wide board • Distinct bevel • Solid step sound • Exclusive wood species • Long, elegant board • Small bevel • Solid step sound integrated cork layer integrated cork layer Length 1800 mm (71 inch) Width 160 mm (6 19/64 inch) Thickness 15 mm (19/32 inch) Length 1800 mm (71 inch) Width 124 mm (4 7/8 inch) Thickness 12 mm (15/32 inch) A Par-ky DELUXE+ oor is the best you can buy for your home: the highest quality wood species, the most attractive design that nature has to offer and an excellent nish. Moreover, with Par-ky DELUXE+ you opt for an...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 9

Wood at the price of laminate • Ultra-strong HDF board • Elegant size • Wide range • Price/quality • Wide boards • Excellent alternative to laminate Length 1203 mm (47 3/8 inch) Width 124 mm (4 7/8 inch) Thickness 8.3 mm (21/64 inch) Length 1203 mm (47 3/8 inch) Width 190 mm (7 31/64 inch) Thickness 7.2 mm (9/32 inch) The extensive LOUNGE collection offers you all the benets of a strong oor at an attractive price. It's the ideal choice for high-trafc areas. Its extra-strong HDF board makes it resistant to temperature and humidity uctuations and the impact of high heels, falling objects,...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 11

Trendy oaks Oak looks great in every interior and symbolises power and strength. Oak wood has a timeless style and is very relaxing. It's ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home. That's why this wood specie is excellent for parquet. In addition, the Par-ky collection comes in the latest trends and colours. This range of oors is very attractive. Trendy oaks feel at home in every interior.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 25

Trendy oaks deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge deluxe+ sound+ lounge RUSTIC IVORY OAK available in: deluxe+ sound+ lounge

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 27

Contemporary classics These contemporary classic oors radiate tradition. The wood species we have selected here have made generations happy thanks to their warm look and feel. They are contemporary but also timeless and incredibly beautiful. You can rest assured you'll still love your oor tomorrow.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 29

Contemporary classics

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 31

Contemporary classics SMOKED WALNUT

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 33

Contemporary classics deluxe+ sound+ lounge sound+ lounge SMOKED WALNUT COFFEE BEECH deluxe+ sound+ lounge sound+ lounge

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 35

Exquisite exotics If you’re looking for a oor in an exclusive wood specie which is affordable, we have the ideal solution for you here. An African highlight in ebony or a Tuscan ambiance from olive tree wood: Par-ky can do it all. You can create an exotic holiday feeling at home without spending a fortune. Exquisite exotics create truly unique oors.

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 36


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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 37

Exquisite exotics sound+ IMBUIA

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 39

Exquisite exotics lounge JATOBA

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 41

Exquisite exotics sound+ AFZELIA DOUSSIÉ

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 42


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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 43

Exquisite exotics BAMBOO STEAMED

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 45

Exquisite exotics

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 47

Exquisite exotics WENGE AFZELIADOUSSIE sound*! lounge ^^^^^^^^^J sound* | lounge -ealisatie op pagina 34 realisatie op pagina 4' SUCUPIRA TEAK SHADOW MACASSAR available in: available in: available in aroject on page 44-45 project on page 40 project on page 46 ROSEWOOD SANTOS BAMBOO STEAMED JATOBA available in: available in: available ir aroject on page 36 project on page 43 project on page 38-39

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 48

*ViV never been so easy friendly floors

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 49

Installation kit Installing Par-ky is really very easy. With our installation kit you have all the tools you need to install your Par-ky oor quickly and without damaging it: spacers to create expansion joints, pull bar and tapping block. Quality underlay All veneer parquet oors must be protected from dampness in the substrate. You do this by installing a moisture-proof underlayment beneath the oor. This ensures continued enjoyment of your Par-ky oor. Standard underlay Aluminium underlay This underlay (2 mm- 5/64 inch) consists of foam and plastic, with the plastic being slightly wider than...

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Catalogue Par-ky 2014 - 50

Fitting skirting The icing on the cake: once your Par-ky oor is installed, you can t matching wood skirtings for that nishing touch. Our trendy skirtings are 8 cm (3 1/8 inch) high but they can easily be shortened to 6 cm (2 1/3 inch) or even 2.5 cm (1 inch). Use the included cutter and cut the skirtings to the desired height along the grooves. It's up to you to decide. Skirting dimensions: 2150 x 80 x 14 mm (85 x 3 1/8 x 3/5 inch) 1 prole, 3 applications Everyone will appreciate our 3-in-1 prole that's available in all matching wood species. Really handy for: - End-prole (jointless...

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