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Brochure 2021 - 2

Swing 06 Ivory Oak Premium

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Brochure 2021 - 3

It’s good to live on wood

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Brochure 2021 - 4

It’s good to live on wood

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Brochure 2021 - 5

PARKY IT’S GOOD TO LIVE ON WOOD Wood is something to love. It brings nature into your home. Due to the uniqueness and characteristics of the trees, not one board is the same. The beauty of imperfections caused by the veins and structure brings life-hood to your floor. Easy to install like a laminate floor, care and maintenance free as vinyl but with the warmth and cosiness of real hard wood. As sustainable grown wood is getting scarce, we are extremely mindful using it. By using veneers, thinly sliced layers of real wood, we maximize the use of the harvested wood species grown over decades....

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Brochure 2021 - 7

PARKY IT’S GOOD TO LIVE ON WOOD Our Titanium finish has eight robust layers of lacquer. This results in an almost scratch-resistant natural floor designed for intensive use. Deluxe+ 06 Desert Oak Rustic Li

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Brochure 2021 - 8

02 A sustainable choice Wood is precious. We use it sparingly: we only use a thin layer of wood for the top finish. We source our trees from sustainable managed forests and every board is 100% recyclable, participating as such in the circular economy. We source energy from solar and wind production. The sawdust and wood waste from our production facility is used to heat Real wood Feel real wood. Each Parky floor is finished with a top layer of authentic wood species. Just like a solid wood floor, no two boards are the same. Oak, teak or other species give that beautiful natural look you are...

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Brochure 2021 - 9

PARKY WHY PARKY 03 Waterproof surface The Parky board has a waterproof surface. The combination with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which protects the bevels, gives you a 12 hour waterproof floor. This makes your floor bullet High-strength and scratch resistant Scratch resistant Parky floors are ultra-high-strength. Our Titanium finish has eight robust layers of lacquer. This makes your floor even more scratch-resistant and ready for intensive use. High-strength Our Titanium finished wood in combination with a core out of high density fibre board (HDF), makes your floor stronger and more...

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Brochure 2021 - 10

The secret lies in the wellthought-out structure Titanium: the invisible 8-layer varnish We can call it Titanium! Extremely strong due to eight layers of especially developed "bullet" proof lacquer. Your floor will be resistant to daily wear and tear as well as scratches, the pores are moist and dirt resistant. A brushed finish is available allowing you to feel the natural grains and patterns of the wood. This extremely strong and matt lacquer is nearly invisible. Wood backing for dimensional stability. With Deluxe+ and Royal+ a 2 mm layer of cork provides a softer footfall sound. Real Wood...

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Brochure 2021 - 11

PARKY WHY PARKY Completely hygienic Parky's V grooves are not a hotbed for dust and dirt. Each groove is coloured and sealed with the Aqua Sealing Complete system. This protects your wood against moisture. Each board also has an "Ultra-fresh" antibacterial protection to withhold bacteria from settling into the groove. A hygienic floor is guaranteed. Easy to install Parky, it’s as easy to install as laminate and LVT. Count on the handy Uniclic® and Unifit X® system for a problem free result. The warmth and feel good of wood is just a click away. Discover even more advantages Perfect match...

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Brochure 2021 - 12

Deluxe+ 06 Umber Oak Rustic Light

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Brochure 2021 - 13

Experience your best moments on a real wooden floor. Imitations such as vinyl or laminate can never match the warmth and uniqueness of real wood. You don’t just see it, you feel it...

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Brochure 2021 - 14

Deluxe+ 06 European Oak Premium

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Brochure 2021 - 15

— Your species Wide range of oaks, walnuts and exotic types of wood. — Your patterns From straight boards to a herringbone pattern. — Your sizes Boards in different lengths and widths, with or without a 2 mm cork underlayer. Endless variations with pure

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Brochure 2021 - 16

Pick your colour You prefer antique oak boards or wood with a distinct character? From rich chocolate brown to milky white, we’ll be happy to help you choose the right colour.

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Brochure 2021 - 17

Frozen Walnut Smoked Walnut Stardust Walnut Character Woods Cotton Triba Bamboo Steamed Rosewood Santos

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Brochure 2021 - 18

The uniqueness of oak There are plenty of oak options. Pure oaks give you the emphasis of a pure and clean look; the rustic variant has a more pronounced character thanks to the knots. It's up to you to choose the look and feel you want whether you go for a 0.6 or 2 mm wooden top layer. We only use the purest 0.6 mm veneer wood for our This 2 mm wear layer is a beautiful, natural blend Premium boards. Exceptionally pure quality from of structures and slightly more pronounced the very best of nature. wood grains. The perfect natural look.

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Brochure 2021 - 19

More information regarding the possible combinations of colour, style, size or wear layer can be found on page 46 RUSTIC NATURE This rustic wooden floor seeks the balance Bring nature into your home with this intensely between smaller and larger knots for a more rustic floor: the knots and the natural character pronounced pattern. RUSTIC LIGH

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Brochure 2021 - 20

The pattern that suits you Parky offers you endless combinations. Whatever pattern you choose, it remains timeless, from ultra-sleek villas to stately mansions and everything in between. Different lengths and widths offer a wide range of choices: from a classically laid board floor to a herringbone pattern. Even an elegant double herringbone pattern is possible. Swing 06 Desert Oak Premium

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Brochure 2021 - 21

Deluxe+ 06 Desert Oak Premium Available as pattern floor Smoked Walnut Double herringbone Calculate how many boards you need with our handy Pattern Calculator at

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Brochure 2021 - 22

Which colour and style can be Calculate how many boards you need with our handy Pattern Calculator at

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Brochure 2021 - 23

The size of the room determines the size of your boards. For smaller rooms, opt for narrow, short boards. For larger All our floors are equipped with the spaces, wider and longer boards are the way to go. The handy Uniclic® or Unifit X® system, which direction also affects the end result. If you lay out your makes installation as easy as it can be. boards lengthwise, your room looks bigger. With the Unifit X® fold-down option, you We’ll give you eight possible sizes to work with. Don’t can even save 30% on installation time. worry if you find it difficult to choose, feel free to ask your...

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