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Affordable Wooden fdooK ENG 2019

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friendly floors Together we choose the flooring that suits you best There’s no accounting for taste. We all have our own ideas about trends and colours, and that's what makes us so unique. We also often have different tastes when it comes to choosing our interior, but thanks to our huge range there’s something for everyone. Beside the choice from 21 colours, there are also different sizes and styles such as pattern floors, pure or rustic floors in oak and for those who dare, the distinctive floors with exotic wood species. Due to the extensive range, Par-ky fits in with any interior, from a...

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INSPIRATION 04 Pattern floors 10 Pure oaks 20 Rustic oaks 30 Character woods 4 collections from modern to rustic ADVANTAGES 40 Why you choose Par-ky Nothing beats the unique look and feel of real wood! Do you love wood? Then Par-ky is definitely something for you. Oak, Walnut, Ebony or Teak, we have it all. What you see and feel is natural wood and just like in nature, you will not find 2 identical boards at Par-ky. Wood also gives a warm, exclusive and wonderful home feeling. The beauty of wood cannot be matched by, for example, a laminate, which is only a printed imitation. YOUR DREAM...

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friendly floors PATTERN FLOORS trendier than ever before These wonderful pattern floors might have been around for years, but they’re trendier than ever. Don't be misled, this trend never goes away. Patterns provide a unique touch to your interior, and suit both traditional homes such as town houses, and ultra-modern interiors. The Swing collection is available in different colours and wood species, so you are guaranteed to find a floor in harmony with your interior. GEOMETRY - CLASS - AUTHENTIC- STYLISH

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Create charm with natural tones Put together your colour palette and decide which tones fit in with your interior. Coordinate your flooring with your design, that way ensuring an interior exuding peace and harmony. The natural tones of wood flooring create an unparalleled warmth and charm. Can also be laid in double herringbone IVORY OAK

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Choose from 4 colours Pattern floors are the latest trend in interior design, and Par-ky responds to this with its innovative veneer floors. We combine unique patterns in real wood, with the easy installation of laminate floors. For example, our Swing collection is equipped with the Unifit X-fold-down click system, which makes the installation child’s play. Moreover, Swing allows the floor to be placed in both a single and double herringbone, depending on your preference. The pattern calculator helps you to simplify the calculation of your space and installation ( The...

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friendly floors PURE OAKS Beauty in its purest form If you want to enjoy the most beautiful wood, opt for this pure oak. The focus here is on pure, neat quality, without any rustic knots, but at the same time the natural look and feel of the real wood is preserved. The thinner the wear layer, the purer the wood, and thus our veneer floor with a 0.6 mm wear layer is our greatest asset. This PREMIUM quality provides you all the beauty nature has to offer! If you’re looking for a floor with a thicker wear layer of 2 mm without knots, then the SELECT is definitely something for you. You will...

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Large, small, wide or narrow? The size of the space determines the size of the floor boards. For smaller spaces it is best to choose short, narrow boards. In large spaces, long and wide boards really come into their own. The direction of the floor boards also have an influence. Long boards in a room's length direction make this space seem even longer. Thanks to the 7 different floorboard sizes, Par-ky offer a solution for any interior. More information on p 47.

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matching wooden Par-ky skirting available As warm and cozy as a baby’s cot • Real wood provides extra warmth and cosiness. Thanks to the wear layer in real wood, Par-ky is an ideal flooring for the baby’s room. • Opt for soft tones to calm your baby. A flooring with a light colour such as Milk Oak in combination with an accent wall is currently on-trend, and form a beautiful combination. • Maintenance-friendly and hygienic. Par-ky is finished off with eight layers of varnish and the V-grooves are provided with the antibacterial protection ‘Ultrafresh’ and the Aqua Sealing Complete...

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white i awy chiming Deluxe+ 06

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pr Felt on the legs help enotecttter. your wood flooring ev be

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rmony with nature In ha With a harmonious interior, it is vitally important that all of the elements in the space coordinate together. That’s why you should really think about the use of colour and adding furniture and accessories. Try to stick with the style you had in mind when starting your design. Remain with a certain colour scheme, and continue with the design based on this. Thanks to Par-ky’s extensive colour range, you’re sure to find a floor that suits your style. sed w te pores of the ceruSupremoodOak the whi e make this Canyon Oak a r

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Trendy Oaks PURE OAKS Supreme Oaks UMBER OAK Choice between 12 colours

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friendly floors RUSTICnature OAKS bring Rustic oak floors are loved for their dazzling character and timeless appearance. Knots, clusters, dark grains… these are just a few of the natural features that come into their own in these floors. The rustic oaks come in two varieties: rustic light is somewhat calmer and displays fewer pronounced natural features, while the rustic nature provides a genuine rural character and reflects the wood in all its glory. You will find more information on our rustic floors on page 45. Rustic floors suit not only cottages, but are nowadays also combined with a...

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kn s Aged flooring with open andot aracter ch ovides a lot more structure pr HISTORY OAK

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A teenager’s room is a space for living, studying and playing, making the choice of interior and flooring extremely important. The room has to be functional and the flooring must also be able to resist an impact. Since the room is used so frequently, something might now and then break or come crashing to the floor. Par-ky also has a solution for this. Minor scratches can easily be repaired using Par-ky repair pens. These pens have been developed for each reference, and contain both colour and lacquer. You can eliminate the scratch with the colour pen, and the lacquer ensures the scratch is...

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