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Auto-UV75 titanium

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High-efficiency disinfection of pool water The Pahlén Auto-UV75 titanium eliminates harmful bacteria in pools and spas. With UV cleaning you can reduce your pool's chlorine concentration to a far lower level, about 0.5ppm as against the usual 0.8-1 .Oppm. The UV lamp is sealed inside a titanium casing Electronic control Digital timer Built-in alarm UVC radiation that eliminates bacteria, viruses and algae Reduces the concentration of bound chlorine Blue light at the top indicates operation Casing and electronic box in one unit swimming pool equipmen

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Safe and efficient disinfection of your pool water. The Pahlén Auto-UV75 titanium is designed for disinfection of water in pools and spas. With the Auto-UV75 titanium you can reduce your chlorine consumption by up to 70%. The result is less bound chlorine, which makes for a more pleasant bathing environment without irritations like red eyes, the smell of chlorine or the Optimal neutralisation of bacteria, viruses and algae. The UV lamp produces short-wave ultraviolet UVC radiation with a 254 nm wavelength. This wavelength is optimal for neutralising bacteria, viruses and algae. As a result...

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Auto-UV75 titanium features and benefits • UV lamp with 9000 hour lifetime – Long life. • Casing made of titanium – For optimum quality and service life. • Timer in the LED display – Easy to see the number of hours in operation. • Clear indication when it is time to replace the UV lamp – With 1000 hours lifetime remaining, the timer starts flashing. • Clear operational indication – Lights up with a blue glow. • Electronic box contains adjustment control, timer and on/off switch – Simple installation. • Delivered complete in one single unit – Easy to install and maintain. • Efficient UV...

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swimming pool equipmen Box 728, SE-194 27 Upplands Vasby, Sweden e-mail:,

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