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Walls / Slabs Painéis (paredes) / Lajes Панели / панели перекрытий TYPES OF PANELS / SLABS TIPOLOGIAS DE PAINÉIS / LAJES ВИДЫ ПАНЕЛЕЙ / ПЕРЕКРЫТИЙ APPLICABLE TECHNOLOGIES TECNOLOGIAS APLICÁVEIS ПРИМЕНЯЕМЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ Slab - Pré-laje de chapa - Панель-плита перекрытия Solid walls and slabs - Paredes e lajes maciças - Полные стеновые панели и панели перекрытий 1.3 Double wall - Parede dupla - Стена с двойной пластиной 1.4 Sandwich wall (multi-layer) - Parede sandwich ou multicamada - Стеновая многослойная панель типа «сэндвич» In-line production system - Sistema de produção em linha - Линейная производственная система Tilting table production system - Sistema de produção com mesa basculante - Система производства с поворотным столом Vertical battery mould production system - Sistema de produção com bateria vertical Вертикальная кассетная система производства Pallet circulation production system Sistema de produção com plataformas circulantes Производственная система с циркуляцией палет OLMET ITALY srl - - - tel +39 0423 670225 - fax +39 0423 670067

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Walls/Slabs Building System with “semi pre-cast” elements; it is the combination of on-site concrete casting and a system of prefabricated elements. The pre-cast elements are concrete slabs reinforced with latticework and electro-soldered mesh. This system includes singe-layer and double-layer slabs. The semi pre-cast product is assembled at the building site perfectly coupled, so forming a continuous slab or wall. The collaborating reinforcements are positioned and a concrete casting finalizes the process. After curing, the result will be a monolithic construction. This production process...

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1.1 SLAB PRé - LAJE DE CHAPA 1 ПАНЕЛЬ-ПЛИТА ПЕРЕКРЫТИЯ The slab is a reinforced concrete plate, with integrated mesh and latticework, generally with thickness of min. 40 mm., max. 90 mm. and width of between 1.200 and 2.400 mm. It is assembled at the building site and then completed with a concrete casting. The lower surface of the slab is perfectly smooth; it can be painted, avoiding the application of plaster and installation time is very fast, with considerable reduction of costs. A pré-laje é composta por uma placa de concreto armado com malha e treliça integradas, geralmente de...

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1.2 SOLID WALLS AND SLABS PAREDES E LAJES MACIÇAS 2 ПОЛНЫЕ СТЕНОВЫЕ ПАНЕЛИ И ПАНЕЛИ ПЕРЕКРЫТИЙ Elements completely prefabricated at the plant using modular steel moulds. Usually they are produced with thickness of min. 100 mm. to max. 200 mm. and width of max 3.500 mm. The reinforcements are completely integrated into the casting. The surfaces of the elements are completely smooth. Solid walls and slabs can be pre-stressed, thus considerably increasing their static capacities. São elementos completamente pré-fabricados em instalações industriais através do uso de fôrmas modulares de aço....

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1.3 DOUBLE WALL PAREDE DUPLA 3 СТЕНА С ДВОЙНОЙ ПЛАСТИНОЙ The double wall in reinforced concrete consists of two slabs of vibrated concrete (thickness from 5 to 8 mm.) couplet by electro-soldered latticework incorporated into the casting and by standard reinforcement iron rods having diam. 5-8/20” anchored or clamped to latticeworks. The result is a formwork with smooth external surfaces. The elements are modular with variable heights (max about 10 – 12 mt.) and widths of 120/240/250/300 cm. The standard thicknesses of double walls are: 20/25/30/35/40/50 cm. realized using electro-soldered...

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1.3 DOUBLE WALL PAREDE DUPLA 4 СТЕНА С ДВОЙНОЙ ПЛАСТИНОЙ Advantages: • Quickness of execution with considerable recovery of time and realization costs • Saving of equipment (timber above all) • More accurate aesthetic finishing in comparison with the traditional systems, as plaster is not required. • Excellent dimensional and structural versatility • Possibility to create niches for electrical fittings and other installations. • Good impermeability, thanks to the elimination of the reinforcement passing from part to part • Safety of use • Good in-door and out-door duration Vantagens: •...

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1.4 SANDWICH WALL (MULTI-LAYER) PAREDE SANDWICH OU MULTICAMADA 5 СТЕНОВАЯ МНОГОСЛОЙНАЯ ПАНЕЛЬ ТИПА «СЭНДВИЧ» The pre-cast wall with “thermic cut” was developed to make pre-cast elements comply with laws in force about the thermal insulation of buildings. The system is realized with the assistance of connectors and metallic suspensions, which are able to support and connect two physically divided concrete layers, while allowing them to independently expand. O painel pré-fabricado com isolamento térmico nasce da vontade de adequar a pré-fabricação às exigências impostas pelas normas vigentes...

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1.4 SANDWICH WALL (MULTI-LAYER) PAREDE SANDWICH OU MULTICAMADA 6 СТЕНОВАЯ МНОГОСЛОЙНАЯ ПАНЕЛЬ ТИПА «СЭНДВИЧ» The wall’s configuartion is listed below: • the external “borne” layer of concrete is smooth as it is cast onto the bottom plate of the formwork; • the insulating layer is set in accordance with the thermal insulation requirements; • the internal “load bearing” layer of concrete. The valuable finishing of walls can be smooth due to the metallic formwork’s bottom, scratched, with exposed aggregates from natural quarry in various combinations and colors or polished. The walls can be...

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