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Pillars / columns and plinths Pilares e plintos (cálices) Колонны / столбы и плинты TYPES OF PILLARS / PLINTHS TIPOLOGIAS DE PILARES E PLINTOS ВИДЫ КОЛОНН / СТОЛБОВ / ПЛИНТ APPLICABLE TECHNOLOGIES TECNOLOGIAS APLICÁVEIS ПРИМЕНЯЕМЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ Plinths - Plintos - Плинты Pillars / columns - Pilar / coluna - Колонны / Production systems by double or single line and by battery formwork - Sistemas de produção com linha de produção simples ou dupla e fôrmas em série - Производственные системы двойной или одиночной кассетной линии OLMET ITALY srl - - - tel +39 0423 670225 - fax +39 0423 670067

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OLMET ITALY srl - - - tel +39 0423 670225 - fax +39 0423 670067

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Pillars - 3

The PLINTH is a single-block pre-cast element made of vibrated reinforced concrete, having a cage type reinforcement. Its square-shape base sole allows to use it in both directions, with a variable height providing stiffness in the positions of highest stress. The footwell allows to embed pillars having sections from 50x50 to 70x70 cm. The plinth is laid on sub-foundations designed to resist the stresses at bottom; this allows to build insulated foundations for single and multiple pre-cast buildings. The use, at batching stage, of well compacted concrete with fine granulometric admixture,...

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Pillars - 4

4.2 PILLARS / COLUMNS PILAR / COLUNA 2 КОЛОННЫ / СТОЛБЫ The COLUMN or PILLAR is a vertical architectural structural load-bearing element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. The base may have square, rectangular, polygonal or other more complex shape. The pre-cast pillar is a component having a very high degree of ductility as far as both geometric dimensions and the presence and different shape of various brackets or consoles and capitals for different uses are concerned. It can contain a PVC plastic drainpipe designed...

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