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Hollow-core slabs Lajes alveolares Пустотные панели перекрытий MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT FOR HOLLOW CORE SLABS MÁQUINAS E EQUIPAMENTOS PARA LAJES ALVEOLARES МАШИНЫ И ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ ДЛЯ ПУСТОТНЫХ ПЛИТ Steel casting beds - Pistas de produção em aço - Стальные производственные дорожки 2.E Element forming - Formação do manufaturado - Формовка изделия Casting beds cleaning / oiling and strands laying - Limpeza, lubrificação das pistas, distensão dos cabos - Очистка, смазка дорожки, укладка кабеля Strands stressing - Protensão das cordoalhas - Натяжение трефов Concrete transport - Trasporte do concreto Транспортировка бетона Element sawing - Corte do manufaturado Нарезка изделия OLMET ITALY srl - - - tel +39 0423 670225 - fax +39 0423 670067

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2 Hollow-core slabs The hollow-core slab is a special type of pre-cast element made of only pre-stressed concrete with cavities to make it lighter. The lightening effect is obtained by creating in the pre-cast element thickness some longitudinal cavities of suitable sizes, in order to create ribs that, together with the slabs of extrados and intrados, constitute the concrete section to be pre-stressed by the “adhering strands” system. The system of pre-cast elements is much used in the pre-casting business line. As a matter of fact all national regulations in this field do dedicate one...

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HOLLOW-CORE SLABS LAJES ALVEOLARES ПУСТОТНЫЕ ПАНЕЛИ ПЕРЕКРЫТИЙ Advantages in the use of hollow-core slabs: • High daily production output with a constantly controlled quality; • The product is affordable if compared to any other type of slab, with equivalent static characteristics; • The installation procedure is fast and easy (3 workers can install approximately 550 sq. mt. of slabs per shift); • The excellent finishing quality of the extrados allows the manufacturer to paint the surface without previously plastering it; Vantagens do uso das lajes alveolares: • Alta produtividade diária...

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HOLLOW-CORE SLABS LAJES ALVEOLARES ПУСТОТНЫЕ ПАНЕЛИ ПЕРЕКРЫТИЙ Advantages in the use of hollow-core slabs: • There is no need for shoring at close range at assembling stage, since the hollow-core slab is self-supporting; • This element is flexible and easy to use with both traditional and industrial building systems. It is perfectly suitable for use in seismic prone areas. • This element is durable and resistant to carbonation for a long time; the water/concrete rate is very low thanks to the vibration of concrete, thus the elements are water-proof and much resistant to mechanical stresses....

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