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Beams Vigas Балки TYPES OF BEAMS TIPOLOGIAS DE VIGAS ВИДЫ БАЛОК APPLICABLE TECHNOLOGIES TECNOLOGIAS APLICÁVEIS ПРИМЕНЯЕМЫЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ Girders - Vigas primárias - Основные балки Roofing beams / slabs - Vigas de cobertura / lajes - Балки покрытий / панелей перекрытий TT roofing beam - Telha TT - Балкачерепица формы TT Double cantilever truss or roof truss Dupla inclinação - Балка с двойным уклоном (ферма) Production systems for main beams - Sistemas de produção de vigas primárias - Производственные системы для основных балок Production systems for roofing beams / slabs - Sistemas de produção de vigas de cobertura Производственные системы для балок покрытий / панелей перекрытий 3.2.3 Y-shape beams - Sistema em Y Балка типа Y OLMET ITALY srl - - - tel +39 0423 670225 - fax +39 0423 670067

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Beams - 2

Concrete pre-stressing is an industrial method to artificially produce a tension in the structure of building materials, especially in the reinforced concrete , in order to improve its resistance features. In the pre-stressed reinforced concrete (also popularly known as pre-stressed reinforced cement or c.a.p. in Italian), the pre-stressing is used to overcome the concrete mix’s natural weakness in tension. Several types of beams are available. Vigas A protensão é uma técnica industrial que consiste em produzir artificialmente uma tensão na estrutura dos materiais de construção e,...

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Beams - 3

3.1 GIRDERS VIGAS PRIMÁRIAS 1 ОСНОВНЫЕ БАЛКИ Main beams or girders most commonly having I , L, ⊥, T, H and box-type section, are used as side beams, roofing elements or slabs and are usually assembled together with hollow-core slabs, TT roofing elements, double cantilever trusses, wing-contour trusses and so on. They are designed to meet several requirements: • load-bearing; • being fire-proof; • light weight / slim section; • being functional; • being aesthetically pleasant. Their geometry can vary in accordance with design spans and loads, with an extremely wide range of dimensions. Such...

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Beams - 4

3.1 GIRDERS 2 VIGAS PRIMÁRIAS ОСНОВНЫЕ БАЛКИ When used as slabs, they are equipped with jetting stirrups to ease the merging with the on-site integrative casting.They can be positioned simply leaning (onto the walls) by means of suitable foundation bolts in seismic prone areas or wherever requested. The sections of main beams are designed to serve also as slideways of O.H.T. cranes. In this case metal plates with angleclamps are fixed onto the “tooth” (protruding element serving as a bracket) to later assemble the O.H.T.crane rails. Beams are manufactured using multiple-shape formworks...

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Beams - 5

3.2 ROOFING BEAMS / SLABS VIGAS DE COBERTURA /LAJES 3 БАЛКИ ПОКРЫТИЙ / ПАНЕЛЕЙ ПЕРЕКРЫТИЙ In the last decade, especially in Italy, new both architecturally and technologically advanced roofing elements have been designed. In technical terms they are called WING CONTOUR roofing tiles. They are roofing elements of uniform section having a V-shape symmetric or asymmetric profile. They are designed to cover mainly industrial and shopping workshops with spacious structural patterns. The extrados has a channel-shape to collect and drain rainwater. In between the roofing elements, reinforced...

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Beams - 6

3.2.1 TT roofing beam Telha TT 4 Балка-черепица формы TT TT roofing beams are used also as slabs, being a good alternative option to hollow-core slabs. The pre-casting system by flat roofing elements having TT section is the ideal solutions whenever large spaces are required and multi-storey buildings have to be built. The TT element allows a wide range of uses, enabling the designer to create modern and highly customized solutions suiting different needs as shopping malls, sports halls or industrial venues. TT roofing beams are pre-cast concrete products having height 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,...

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Beams - 7

3.2.2 Double cantilever truss or roof truss Dupla inclinação 5 Балка с двойным уклоном (ферма) The double cantilever truss or roof truss is used as a main structure to cover industrial buildings; it allows to build aisles with large spans. Over the main structure consisting of double cantilever trusses, TT-type roofing beams are laid integrated by a covering consisting of NT fiber concrete or aluminium slabs fixed onto a framework of timber boards including an insulation sheet. It is possible to build water-proof covers by using insulation sheaths to constitute an unbroken slab. By suitably...

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Beams - 8

3.2.3 Y-shape beams Sistema em Y 6 Балка типа Y Y-shape beams are a light and quite affordable covering system of good performances and versatility. It is used at best with spans of 15-25 mt. or up to 35 mt. They can be spaced with a distance between the track lines of max 6 mt. The structure consists of typical Y-section beams having a visible concrete gully on top for water channelling, thus creating a relevant slope of the wings and a channel of huge capacity (170 lt/min). The beams usually have a distance between the track lines of 3 / 5 mt and support on top of their wings some...

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